Even though your garden boasts of meticulously manicured plants and the picture-perfect garden furniture, there will always be the urge to give it something extra; something that will be the cynosure of all eyes, in the backdrop of the garden. Read more to learn about this.

Hence, if you have a sumptuous garden space, there will be the recurring desire to add appeal and sophistication, which would personify your taste.


If you dare to think out of the mainstream path, then, installing pergolas and gazebos in the garden must top your to-do list.

A gazebo is a pavilion structure, often built in a park, garden or spacious public area. Sometimes freestanding or sometimes fastened to a garden wall, gazebos promise to be a versatile architectural addendum to the garden. It is roofed, open on all sides and guarantees to provide shade.gazebos and pergolas

Kiosks, Alhambra, follies, pergolas, rotundas and pavilions are different kinds of gazebos. They can be used for embellishing the landscape as well being a shady sojourn spot to beat the summer heat. Gazebos can also resemble a tent-like structure attached on poles swirled around tensioned fabric.

Did you know? Some gazebos have screens that are used to thwart insects!gazebos and pergolas

The picture above is a wooden gazebo centred in the garden exuding a serene old-world charm. Enhance the otherwise mundane gazebo with garden urns and embellish the interior of the gazebo with a wrought-iron table .For a funkier look, you can even place a cosy couch and highlight it with neon pillows. The colour play against the wooden background of the gazebo will win you brownie points.


Also known as garden arbour, pergolas in the garden space gives out the impression that you can read the mind of your vines. It proves to be really versatile by forming a shaded walkway, passage way or sitting zone. It comprises of vertical pillars or poles that bolster cross-beams and an open lattice. If your garden documents your predilection for vines and creepers, then let them run unrestricted and wild on these pergolas. You would then bear witness to this mutually beneficial relationship, where the creepers can grow with uncensored pleasure and the pergolas and the garden arbours are blessed by the soothing vibe of the vines cuddling it. gazebos and pergolas

Pergolas have the potential to connect pavilions or expand from a building’s door to an open garden feature to a pool or a terrace.

Freestanding pergolas and garden arbours can be converted into a lounge or a relaxing zone. Just imagine sipping your morning cuppa amidst the chirping chorus of birds and breathing the fresh air of your garden!gazebos and pergolas

 The pergolas in your garden can also be a perfect setting for a candle-light dinner with your special one. Or why not have a tryst with royalty with elaborate solar garden lights, intricately designed wooden furniture, artefacts, planters and bonsai so that the ambience inspires you to open your heart?

But, you must ensure that the gazebos and pergolas in the garden are occasionally cleaned. Don’t make your garden a clutter story. Hence, if you are opting for gazebos steer away from installing a pergola and vice-versa.gazebos and pergolas

Remember to instruct your carpenter what you envision for the garden.

Let your garden be a conversation starter and spark some lovely memories!

Happy Gardening

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