Garden Decor

How can you make your Garden the talk of the Town?

Your garden is the door to your heart, your garden will say for who are.

Hey, all you people with green fingers, how many times has it been that you were complimented for your garden? Or when was the last time when a friend dropped by at your place only to talk later that how much they loved your garden? Or have you ever felt that if you had a magic wand, you will give your much loved but mundane garden a makeover?

Then you can bid adieu to all your anxieties and gear up for a ride that will give your garden a new lease of life. Before one begins with the garden décor it should be sealed in our memory card that our garden is a reflection of our personality. Just like the apparel we wear or the interiors of our home, mirrors who we are and what we represent, similarly our garden décor can become the window to our urn

The first step to decorate your garden is to be decisive how much you want to spend on it. If one is looking for pocket friendly options, one needn’t worry – there are many!. Let your creativity loose. You can purchase plain-Jane flower pots either made of wood / terracotta/ plastic and let it be the canvas of your expressions. All you need you need is (a) Enamel paints of different colours (b) paint brush of different sizes and (c) last but not the least oodles of faith in yourself that you can do it! Some of the designs you can try can range from elegant, chic, and pretty to funky and bold.

And if you are ready to splurge for your pet project then there are some great accessories to make you go weak on your knees that you can buy at a click away.

  • ELEGANT– Seasons wills come and seasons will go but those garden accessories will exude eternity. What can be moreGarden decor elegant than black and white? So grab hold of your flower pot and suffuse it with white. Then you can use black paint to draw the silhouette of a girl with an umbrella or little hearts or the symbols of playing card. You can design the border too but the timeless appeal lies in the beauty of minimalism. Why not dig out a small pond with a little help from your gardener? Border it with pebbles and add white lotus on them. You can make a mock bridge on it giving it a regal touch. You also add charm to your verdant space by accessorising through garden urns, tealight holder and elegant garden planters.
  • PRETTY– For the girlie girl or the teenager who has taken her first step into gardening and wants her garden to give a proxy on behalf of her! Your love for gardening and gardens may have emanated from the ‘Secret garden’ or ‘Barbie Fairy Tropia’. So what do you do? Bring fairyland to your home! You can use bird shaped wind chimes in your balconyGarden decor so that whenever the breeze passes through it, it creates a magical tingling sound. The alternative to go easy on your pocket (although wind chimes can come at cheap prices) is to use origami made with the neo shades of tangerine and sunny yellow and tie them leaving gap in between with a blue woollen thread. The gaps between each origami can be embellished with either thermo balls or rose decorative materials (you can find them shops that store embellishments for clothes). For making an attractive entrance to your garden, you can go for a bamboo archway and let a bougainvillea add sparks to your barren archway.
  • FUNKY AND BOLD– You believe in staying on trend at the same time you are never afraid to think out of the box. The first funky plantersthing that your friends tell about you is wow how cool are you! Here’s a way to escalate the cool quotient of your garden. You can paint those flower pots in polka dots or camera print (the latter can be time consuming) or just let arbitrary brush strokes to do the talking. You can join a number of flower pots together to create a hexagonal or Star of David shape (the sign of Judaism). One more fun thing you can do is to use stirrers and place inside the flower pot that will circumscribe the flower.

So what are you waiting for? Draw a blueprint and jet set go. One important reminder is that let your personality shine through everything you create!

Happy Gardening

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