Garden pathways and walkways

No garden is complete without pathways or walkways. Read more to learn about this.

Although both are commonly used in reference to the same purpose, the have a fine difference between them. Pathways are used in more natural settings and for a lesser traffic flow; they tend to meander their way while walkways are used for heavier traffic zones and are hence wider. Garden Pathway

Points to keep in mind while designing:

  • Understand the need and location of the pathway. The design will then follow, for example, if you have a vegetable garden, the pathway use is purely functional. The width of it also needs to be decided based on the number of users you anticipate in that space.
  • For a formal house, used straight lines for connectivity, similarly for a country looking house go for a meandering geometry.
  • The junctions of the pathways should preferably be at 90 degree angle to each other.  Awkward angles look unpleasant and will be difficult to move across.
  • A gentle path obscures the vision ahead, making you want to explore further. So if you want to create mystery, this would be the first step of your design.
  • As a designer, your designs have the ability to control the user’s movement. If you line the sides of your pathway with fragrant flowering plants, the user will be compelled to move leisurely. Try this for your garden and you will enjoy your morning walks even more.Garden Pathway
  • Pathways /Walkways can be constructed in many materials. Depending on the use, you can try different materials; mixing of different materials will the make the user slow down and see the intricate details you’ve thought of. Different materials also add texture to the design. If you are following a particular theme for your garden, the choice of the materials should be reflected in the pathway/walkway. We will be discussing in detail about the materials you can have for your pathways in other articles.

Hopefully these pointers can give you a better understanding of how to design a pathway/walkway.

Happy Gardening

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