Benefits Of Inviting Birds To Your Garden
Who wouldn’t like to wake up with the chirp of birds? Who wouldn’t love to see dainty winged angels fluttering from one corner to another? But, thanks to urbanization, the bird population has decreased and it’s a rare sight to spot a few every now and then. So, the beautiful thoughts mentioned above, well, just remain thoughts. At Green My Life, we have amalgamated a few ideas to attract little feathery creatures in your garden.

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With this article, you will come to know about how tiny efforts and changes by you will give you loads of beautiful sights and sounds in your very own green space and how these birds will in return be beneficial to your garden.

  • Birds as Natural Pesticides: Many species of birds eat an assortment of insects, including mosquitoes, spiders, aphids, maggots and other bugs. Attracting birds can prove to be an advantage and encourage them to feed from this natural food source, thus allowing us to refrain from using severe chemical pesticides and insecticides that can harm the ecosystem and people.
Bird Garden
  • Beneficial to Flower Pollination: Hummingbirds, sunbirds, orioles and other birds that sip nectar have proved to be efficient pollinators of garden flowers. They can give flowerbeds an added colour boost from extra blossoms, thus in turn attracting even more birds.
bird pollination
Bird Pollination
  • As natural tillers: Birds helps in ploughing or tilling the garden soil with their beaks, whenever they are looking for earthworms and other insects, thus helping in aerating the soil to be more enriched in minerals and have a potential for better plant growth.
Farmer ploughing field by seagulls
Birds As Tillers
  • Food Sharing: Planting fruits trees like apples, peaches, plums, berry-producing shrubs etc., can help in attracting birds that will help in the pollination and maturation of such trees, thus providing you with fresh and delicious baskets of fruits after every harvest.
bird pollination2
Bird Pollination Helps Maturation Of Fruits
  • Bird droppings as Natural Fertilizers: Spreading bird seed over the garden leaf mulch in early spring to attract birds will allow them to dig/peck for the seeds in the leaves aerating the mulch, and leave behind copious amounts of droppings which will act as fertilizers, thus accelerating the decomposition process and give your plants nutrition for better growth.
bird manure
Bird Manure
  • Environmental conservation: Attracting birds to your local garden and landscaping makes them work in environmentally conscious ways. These help the plants to become more resistant to pests and diseases, thus helping in betterment of ecosystem. This helps preserve birds both in the garden and in the larger local environment.
Attracting birds to your local garden
  • Education: Having birds in your backyard or garden can be a source of unique opportunity to study local wildlife, thus allowing you and your family to get the chance to see their seasonal migration, courting behaviour and nesting. This is great way to instigate in children an appreciation to wildlife enjoyment, helping in spreading birds over generations.
Attracting Birds is great way to instigate in children an appreciation to wildlife enjoyment
  • Recreation and stress relief: Bird watching, interacting with them and listening to their chirps and songs and working outdoors to improve their habitat in leisure time can help relieve stress and promote well-being. Spending time outdoors can ensure you to have longevity and detoxify the body through fresh air.


  • Increased property values: A property which is well-maintained with proper landscaping that attracts birds has better appeal and high value for homeowners. This also helps in increasing neighbourhood values and has a better chance for home sales.


Things to remember:

To make your garden a bird oasis, it is important for you to research on the local bird population and their likes and dislikes.  Apart from planting local plants, flowers and trees, it is also important to provide birds with general day-to-day things like food, shelter and water.

  • Shelter: Birdhouses can either be constructed from recycled objects or purchased and placed in your garden to encourage birds to feel safe and return. If you want them to build their nests, then you could provide them with nesting sites and fibers like yarn, small pieces of cloth, straw and hair as nesting materials placed away from the nesting sites.
Bird House
Bird House


  • Food: Providing food source will be a perfect way in attracting birds to your garden. Placing feeders around locations where birds feel safe to eat without becoming prey to other wildlife. But feeders are not to be placed near the house windows, as it has resulted in bird deaths from their trying to fly through the window panes, which is a very distressing sight. Feeders can also be constructed from recycled bottles.
Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder
  • Water: Birdbaths can be constructed or purchased to allow birds to clean themselves and quench their thirst. It must be at least 1 inch deep and cleaned weekly.
Bird Bath
Bird Bath

We hope that these steps will allow your garden to be bustling with birds and provide your garden to have an extra bloom, thus bringing you closer to the environment and the local species. Share your experiences with us and don’t forget to send us some amazing pictures.

NOTE: You can buy bird feeders at our online store – for large, medium and small birds. We deliver anywhere in India.

Happy gardening

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