Plants are expensive and need to be looked after. For clients who have used any of our services, we can offer on-going advice on design, styling and planting.

At Gardeny, we take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs and budget.

To further assist our clients with the upkeep of their gardens, we can also recommend landscape maintenance contractors and gardeners to help with regular garden care.

A modern irrigation system turns time you spend watering into leisure time and - if you want - can control the irrigation of your entire garden.

We are nice people with a lot of experience.

I was looking for vertical garden help, for my balcony garden. Extremely professional team, right through planning up to execution with clear communication. The execution team was well trained and meticulous! It was a pleasure working with GreenMyLife team!

Pooja Kataria

I approached GreenMyLife after going through bad experience with another landscaper and had a completely different experience with them. Their team is excellent, very patient and helpful. I now have a wonderful garden which is the beauty of our house.

Karthika Nair

It was a pleasure dealing with GreenMyLife. What was really nice was their ability to understand our requirements, our thought process and most importantly the budget within which we wanted to operate. Highly recommended for all garden lovers!

Mathew Jacob

GreenMyLife did a very very professional job of designing the landscape, managing water gradient out flows, checking on soil quality, suggesting right plants, planning the job well & executing it on time. Thanks Green my life team for a well executed landscape work!!!.

Sridhar Narayan

Very professional in estimation and execution. Finished the work in exact timeline, landscaping quality is very good . There was always a supervisor to oversee the work . Workers well pretty well skilled and well behaved. Overall extremely pleasant experience.

Pratyush Pattanayak

Bring nature in your home.

We don’t cut corners to maximize our profit.