Garden Umbrella

Today the day is sunny sunny sunny and it’s not funny funny funny. We all love the heat but in summers it’s the shade that we need. Be it scorching heat or pitter patter raindrops a Garden Umbrella will always come to your rescue!

Sunshade Umbrella
Sunshade Umbrella

Nicknamed as a “Patio Umbrella” its basic job is to provide shade during leisure activities. Be it a deck, yard, or your plain Jane garden a snazzy umbrella can bring life to any of these places. But, looks are not the only yardstick, one should always keep in mind of the type, location, fabric and mechanism before buying the umbrella.


  • Sunshades: As the name suggests, they are meant for shading from the sun. It looks like a round disk on a pole, the one you can see near the pools.
  • Pagoda: These are a little jazzy Asian style inspired umbrellas. Pagodas are what you see in palaces in the south east Asian countries.

    Market Umbrella
    Market Umbrella
  • Market: They are octagonal with vented tops. These are very popular and can be spotted in diners and cafés.
  • Cantilever: It has a sturdy base with a pole and is adjustable. It caters for a larger crowd and area.
  • Wall mounted:  These are detachable umbrellas with brackets that let you mount it on a wall. A wicked way of saving space.
  • Tulip: It’s what the name says. If you want to make a unique and stylish statement go for this tulip like canopy umbrella.

1. Zero down on the right size. Consider the available space. Always go for a 5′ larger than the desired space for full cover.

Cantilever Umbrella
Cantilever Umbrella

2. Weigh down the options for the frame and also the anchor weight. Aluminium suits perfectly because of its durability and light weight. Wood is also an option but a tad more expensive.

3. Choose the fabric of the canopy with care keeping in mind the use, and the ability to withstand weather changes. Go for polyester or polyester blend. Opt for fabrics that are UV and mildew resistant. If you’re buying it for ruins always go for waterproof fabrics.


  • Wash each part with damp cloth or mild soapy water.

    Tulip Umbrella
    Tulip Umbrella
  • Close the umbrella when not needed and especially before inclement weather.
  • Open with care. Make sure that it is not in deadlock position and don’t pull too hard.

Now that you have all the fundas of garden umbrellas, just sit back with a book on that chaise under the umbrella with a pinacolada and a good book.

Written by Nishta Chakravorty for GreenMyLife

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