Hanging plant baskets bring an unmatched elegance to an area, be it outdoors or indoors. Flowering plants look especially chic when planted in hanging baskets.

Below is a list of top ten flowering plants you can select for your hanging baskets.

1. Petunia

These colourful blossoms bring joy wherever they are. These sun-loving plants are perfect to bring a pop of bold colour to any area. These plants are relatively easy to maintain and only require occasional watering along with general care.

Petunia hanging basket

2. Portulaca

Portulaca or sun rose is a great plant variety to grow if you live in a hot and dry region. These tiny flowers come in a variety of colours and are super easy to maintain. All they need is direct sunlight and occasional watering in order to thrive.

Portulaca hanging basket

3. Geranium

These low-maintenance plants are perfect for any hanging basket. Found in an array of different colours, they can fit any kind of space with grace. All they need is moderate amounts of sunlight, deep watering and well-drained soil.

Geranium hanging basket

4. Fuschia

Everyone needs a bit of fuschia in their home, and what better way that to grow some! These delicate looking flowers add elegance like no other. These plants are easily infected by bugs, so make sure you keep them safe. They require moderate amounts of sun and water.

Fuchsia hanging basket

5. Impatiens

These flowers look adorable in a hanging basket, and are perfect if you are looking to hang your baskets indoors. Found in reds, pinks, yellows, purples and whites, these summer blossoms are a great addition of colour to any living space. They require minimal care, just place then in an area that receives moderate sunlight and keep soil moist at all times.

Impatiens hanging basket

6. Lantana

Lantanas are lovely to have as they blossom for a very long time. Extremely easy to maintain, lantanas thrive in almost all conditions. The best conditions are full sun and well-drained acidic soil.

Lantana hanging basket

7. Begonia

These waxy blooms add an interesting aspect to your garden. These annuals give many blooms in their lifetime, as long as proper care is provided. Make sure the soil remains moist, but not wet; this is an important part in their care. Place them in a sunny spot to get the best blooms.

Begonia hanging basket

8. Sweet alyssum

These busy flowers are great to fill an empty void in your living space and will leave your space with a lingering sweet fragrance. These are very prone to pests and diseases, so take proper care of that. Water regularly and provide partial amounts of sunlight.

Sweet Alyssum hanging basket
Sweet Alyssum

9. Verbena

These long lasting summer blooms will survive even in extreme heat. Select a spot that receives at least 10 hours of sunlight. Use well-draining soil to get the healthiest plants, water occasionally.

Verbena hanging basket


These peculiarly shaped plants will add some character to your living space or garden. These are easy to maintain, just remember to water them regularly and apply general fertiliser. Pansies only require moderate amounts of sunlight.

Pansy hanging basket

Happy Gardening

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