Common bees that visit your garden

Bees are a boon to anyone’s garden. They pollinate plants making any garden oh-so-luscious. Here are a few types of bees that would do wonders to your garden.


These are the gentlest of all known bees. These bees like to live alone and not in groups, so you can maintain a healthy number swarming around in your garden. What is best about these bees is that they rarely attack, so are a good choice if you have children. Even if a bumble bee chooses to make a nest in your garden, it will not get out of hand as these nests are small in size and the colonies are not very large. Along with being very humble, they will prove to be great for your garden as they pollinate as well as any other bee.

bumble bee
Bumble bee

These may be called the best-known bees there are. Along with providing us with delicious honey, honey bees also play a great role as pollinators, which help in maintaining a healthy garden. These can be called the ‘liveliest’ bees there are so are the best for your garden. They live in a colony of fifty to sixty thousand and produce great amounts of honey. The only down side of having honey bees is that they sting. Any sign of danger and they will sting without thinking twice, also inhabiting such a huge colony in a small garden may not be the best idea.

Honey bee
Honey bee

As the name suggest these bees nest in the soil and prove to be great pollinators. These bees roam solitary and take shelter in underground tunnels. They are great pollinators of blueberries.

Soil nesting bee
Soil nesting bee

These bees closely resemble bumble bees, but are less hairy. Carpenter bees are great pollinators of passion fruit. But these bees can be a nuisance if you wish to grow blueberries, so steer clear of them if you have any blueberries in your garden.

Carpenter bee
Carpenter bee

All kind of bees are good for your garden; the key is to maintain a healthy population. Too little provide little pollination, too many may be a hazard.

Happy Gardening

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