DIY Birdhouse

A birdhouse is a great accessory for any garden. Not only they improve the aesthetic or garden, they also attract birds that are looking for a home. Read along for the fun-loving activity to do this weekend!

If you looking into buying one, you might want o rethink your decision. Birdhouses are very easy to make at home and a great DIY activity for you and your kids over the weekend. You can choose from a host of materials for the base. Wood and MDF boards work best, but you could also use cardboard if it does not rain very much in your area.

The first step is to find the right template. The internet provides with a host of very complex and beautiful designs. But if you are a first timer, we recommend you go basic with these patterns.


Templates for birdhouse

Once all the pieces are cut, get gluing! Gluing is the easiest way to get all pieces together. You can then later make the structure more stable by nailing or drilling the pieces together. The images are pretty self-explanatory.
Make sure you make some arrangements by means of which you can hang the birdhouse. 

DIY Birdhouse
Give wings to your imagination in decorating your own birdhouse!

When all the handiwork is done then comes the fun part, decorating! Here is where the children can get involved. Here are some images you can consider while decorating.

DIY Birdhouse (1)
Simple elegant designs for your birdhouse

You can cover the entire outer surface of the birdhouse with twigs and wood chunks using some heavy duty glue or nails. Get ready to receive many compliments.

DIY Birdhouse
Make a natural looking birdhouse by pasting twigs around it

You can consider painting the outer surface with some vibrant colours and patterns. They will add a bright pop of colour to your garden. Here are some ideas you can consider.

DIY Birdhouse (3)
Paint bright colors to make your birdhouse look more appealing

You can also go the easy route and cover the surface with bright gift wrapping paper. Although it is not all that long lasting, it will save you a lot of time.

DIY Birdhouse (2)
Decorate your birdhouses using gift-wrapping paper

Really the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating a birdhouse; choose colours and patterns that work with your garden. They are a great accessory to any garden, so get building now!

Happy Gardening

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