Planning a garden party!
If you are planning a garden party with a theme like a Sunday brunch, make sure all the accessories are in place.Read more to learn about this.

Planning a garden party!
Work hard, Party economical but sounds a bit boring. Then does it mean you will forever grace the invited list rather than being a proud host? No, not if you own a sizably big garden that can accommodate a decent number of people.

If you are planning a garden party with a theme like a Sunday brunch, make sure all the accessories are in place. If you have a pergola, you can put up the theme of the party or a simple welcome sign with a smiley emoticon on it. If the party is planned for evening then your exaggeration with the cost-efficient solar-lights or fairy-lights can certainly enliven the mood.

Planning a garden party!
Garden party at night

A centre-table encircled with garden urns and a bouquet of lavender and bluebells in a terracotta vase is charming enough. Too many accessories on the table will consume up the space if your guests decide to keep their platter on the table while catching up on the latest gossip. Afterall, you cannot have control over every aspect of your guest’s activities and then there is the fear of being rude and overbearing.

Position the buffet table away from the flower bed as your guests in a haste might overstep on it. If it is a live barbecue counter, have it towards the side of the wall. It is cognizant to fence the flower bed for additional caution. A Sunday brunch without flowing wine and lip-smacking finger food remains incomplete. Have equal number of chairs that is in sync with the guest list. Your guests should not look for space while having meal and it also shows that you have looked into every detail.

Planning a garden party!
Set up a barbeque which faces the wall

In case you are planning your child’s next birthday party, your garden should become a combination of space and child-friendly accessories. Children need bounty of spaces to be themselves: to prance around for games. Remove the garden-urns or bird-baths as the kids would want to touch it. Have dummies, bean bags where the child can leap or a toy bath if the child is a water-loving baby.

Have attractive waste-bins in the shapes of animals or popular cartoons so that children take the lead to use the waste paper bin. Avoid buffet with children. Place a large table with chairs assembled round them. Disperse the garden area with balloons and confetti. With kids, the logic is to keep them occupied so that they do not pluck the flowers. Be patient and explain them politely.

Planning a garden party!
Animal-shaped dustbins for kids-party

An intimate marriage anniversary celebration in your garden is both romantic and gels with purpose of a romantic party. If it is in evening, let every sphere of the garden do the talking with lights. Have accent lights that focus on favourite zone of the garden and see your guests gush with your choice of location. You can also arrange an organic food festival during winter with fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden, revealing the thoughtful home-farmer to your guests.

Planning a garden party!
Adorable centerpieces for your table

Converting your garden space into a happening party zone is attractive yet poses its own share of challenges: your garden will get unkempt and your guests might accidentally tamper your favourite bunch of flowers. But these can be handled with a little effort on your end.

Make customized invitation cards for a party in your garden and add a footnote that reads ‘feel at home and tender the garden as your own’: Polite, not in-your face and yet effective if your guests read the clue. Have waste-bins located at close vicinity so that the guests do not litter your garden with paper cups or paper plates.

Planning a garden party!
Kitchen-garden party

Ensure that the overarching branches of trees that extend to the driveways or patios are properly pruned. Although, the food and reception is what makes a party, the right kind of ambience and preparation seals the deal. Prune the grass of your lawn and the plants for a symmetrical landscaping visual. After all, this party is a perfect opportunity to advertise your gardening skills and aesthetics.

Oh yes, a quick piece of advice! If it is summer, have parasol (garden-umbrellas) in your garden so that your guests cannot complain about lack of shade.

So what are you waiting for? Be the perfect host as and when you want.

Happy Gardening

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