Rock Garden

With this article, we are going to learn how to build a rock garden in the back or front yard and become proud owners of a rock garden.

How to Build a Rock Garden?

how to build a rock garden
Rock Garden in the front-yard

We all grew up playing with rocks. Be it a game of hopscotch or rock paper scissors or the famous Indian game Pittu. In our childhood we never imagined that these rocks could actually be used in landscaping and in beautifying places! We’ve all heard about the famous rock garden in Chandigarh. With this article, we are going to learn how to build a rock garden in the back or front yard and become proud owners of a rock garden 🙂

What is a Rock Garden?

A rock garden is a landscaped garden where small to big rocks are placed with other plants that helps in adding to the beauty of the garden. Certain small sculptures and artifacts can also be placed. Small marbles, pebbles, gravel etc can be put together in a stylish manner to build a rock garden.

Different Styles of Rock Gardens

  • American Rock Garden
  • English Rock Garden
  • Wall Garden
  • Screen and Gravel Garden
  • Japanese Rock Garden
  • Classic
  • Walkabout Beds
  • Ledges

Picking a Site for your Rock Wonderhow to build a rock garden

  • Drainage: Good drainage is the most important factor to consider for a successful rock garden. Although there are rock garden plants that thrive in bogs or along streambeds, the majority of plants require excellent drainage. If the soil is not porous, plant crowns and roots may rot during wet weather.
  • Existing trees and shrubs: Avoid a site directly under the canopy of mature trees with dense foliage and/or fibrous surface growing roots.
  • Soil type: The pH level of the soil should be around 6.5 to 7.2

Any type of existing unamended soil with good drainage can be used.

Varieties of Rocks for your Garden

  • Pea gravel
  • River rocks
  • Decomposed granite
  • Crushed granite gravel
  • Pebbles

How to Build a Rock Garden (DIY Guide)

Step 1-> Clean the area with the help of garden tools like leaf blowers and shovels. Remove any unwanted bushes and weeds and have clear land.

Step 2 -> Choose a design for landscaping and mark it with the help of white cement or chalk powder to get the idea of the space and all the needs.

Step 3-> Select the type of stone according to your tastes and preferences. You can choose from varied options of boulders, flat stones etc.

Step 4-> Fix the rocks according to your desired design. Before permanently fixing them, just randomly place them to see how they look and then go ahead with fixing them.

Step 5-> Choose plants that suit your local climate. Choose plants with many textures and shades to increase the aesthetic sense of the place.

how to build a rock garden
Rock Garden design

Step 6-> Set the walkway. Be creative and put different lights to brighten up the place.

Styling Tips

  • Add different kinds of small artifacts and sculptures here and there along with your greenery.
  • If interested then you can also add an artificial water body or a small fountain.
  • Use innovative lighting for your rock garden and add a twinkling effect.
  • Have a seating arrangement with stylish garden and patio furniture and throw in a few cushions and pillows for a cozy look.

Let your creative juices flow and make wonders in your garden with these simple steps. Follow any of the  mentioned styles and add your own touches for a more personal look and be the queen bee of your garden. Share your experiences, stories and pictures with us and don’t forget to spread the word among your friends and relatives!

Happy Gardening

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