Ground Cover plants

Ground cover plants are perfect for both a minimalist and a not so minimalistic type of garden. Read more to learn about this.

If perfection is what you want to achieve in your garden, then having plants as ground covers is the best idea.Anything can be achieved, really. Ground covers may provide interesting aesthetics to any dull place.

Ground cover plants do not grow overnight. Like grass, they may take a few seasons to attain full coverage. To get a good start, you must plant in spring or early summer. The plants root well when planted in the growing season. Prepare the soil before planting by digging and aerating the soil. Fertilize and add manure as required. When planting, space out the plants. You do not want your plantings to be competing with one another.

The most important part is choosing the right plant. You would not want a plant that grows a foot high, or a plant that eats away other plants. A good ground cover is one that requires the least maintenance, yet does not look uncultured or weedy.

We have made life easier for you and compiled a list of plants that work wonders as ground covers.


It smells great, can be used in the kitchen and is terribly easy to grow. It also gives off white or pink flowers in the summer. There is really no reason to not have thyme as a ground cover plant.

ground cover plants
Creeping thyme

Sweet woodruff

As the name suggests, sweet woodruff will fill your garden with a lovely sweet aroma. This plant grows in clumps, making it easier for you.

ground cover plants
Sweet woodruff

Brass buttons

Brass buttons have tiny, fine-textured foliage that has a tinge of black, is button shaped and has bronze coloured flowers. The benefit of having brass buttons as a ground cover is that it can be walked upon to some degree.

Black brass buttons
Black brass buttons

Bishop’s weed

It is fast spreading and grows well in shade. It spreads vigorously; hence it would be necessary to plant it in a roomy patch.

ground cover plants
Aegopodium podagraria, Bishop’s weed


This is a no-fuss plant. Lamiums usually bloom in the summer with clusters of pink and white flowers. They have silver marked foliage; hence look good even when not blooming.

ground cover plants
Lamium ‘Orchid Frost’


They prove to be great covers as they thrive in shade and have pretty pink flowers. Need we say more?

ground cover plants
Epimedium rubrum

Once you have chosen the plant of your choice, the biggest question you must ask yourself is how many plants you would need. Simply, estimate the number by drawing a scale plan of the place in question and then plan according to their mature size.

Top the bed with a 2 inch thick layer of mulch, once you are done planning and planting. This prevents the growth of weeds and holds in moisture. You must water and weed regularly. It is also necessary to keep a check on the nutrition content of the soil.

If you cannot have a lawn, do not be disheartened. Ground cover plants can be a great alternative.


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