Garden accessories for birds

I bet all of you will agree that nothing can possibly beat the beauty of a flock of birds singing merrily, or chattering their unfathomable chirps amidst the trees. Read more to learn about this.

No Nightingale did ever chant

More welcome notes to weary bandsFeeding Sparrows

Of travellers in some shady haunt,

Among Arabian sands:

A voice so thrilling ne’er was heard

In spring-time from the Cuckoo-bird,

Breaking the silence of the seas

 Among the farthest Hebrides.

Being an ardent bird lover, I love to welcome and comfort my winged friends. In the loneliest of days, the jingles of their orchestra and their quirky habits always lifts me up.

Garden Accessories for birds

Pair of Parakeets perched on a tree

It is often said that the beautiful songs of birds have an affirmative effect in the growth of plants. Besides, they can also be your ally in tackling pests, aphids and malevolent insects that harm your garden.

Garden Accessories for Birds:

Proper gardening helps in maintaining a healthy, spirited and buoyant ecosystem that creates a hospitable and rejuvenating space for garden animals to stop by, or make it their abode permanently. If you want these birds to pay frequent visits to your garden and suffuse background music to nature’s cradle, then update yourself with the following adorable bird accessories.

1.  Birdhouse

After a hard day’s work of flying around in search of their basic subsistence, birds need to relax their wings. The best thing that will serve this purpose is a birdhouse. By installing a birdhouse in your garden, you can minimize their laborious task of building a nest.

Garden Accessories for birds

Give your Birdhouse an artistic make-over

You can add a little personalized touch to the birdhouses by painting beautiful floral motifs or swarming butterflies on them. Getting creative and attractive with your birdhouse shows the depth of your love, but it’s equally important to make sure that the design is such that it provides the necessary comfort to your winged friends.The construction of the birdhouse will actually reflect the type of birds that you are expecting.

Garden accessories for birds

Birdhouses for large birds

  • Small birds: Small birds feel at home in tiny houses which have small entrance holes. This inadequate size of the entrance acts as a safety belt against the predators by preventing them from invading the birdhouse.
  • Large birds: In case you are fond of big birds, then it’s better to choose a birdhouse with an entrance that will suit their size.
  • While some birds such as Tree Swallows prefer to have their nests located near water bodies for easy availability of aquatic insects, some others prefer their birdhouses to hang from trees.
  • However, birds like Chickadees are quite fidgety with regard to birdhouses in small trees or shrubs.
  • Did you know that attracting Purple Martins with birdhouses made from bitter gourd is an age-old practice?
Garden accessories for birds

Birdhouse for multiple birds

Different birds have different preferences regarding their birdhouse. While some birds prefer to live in a community, a lot of birds opt for single-room dwellings. It is better to choose spacious nest boxes, keeping in mind the addition of new members into the bird family in future. It’s also best to avoid planting thick foliage beneath the bird house, as it may invite certain predators to take shelter in it.

Garden accessories for birds

Boot-house- a recycled Birdhouse!

It is very important to clean up the birdhouses, as well as the bird nests, once your ephemeral winged friends leave the spot. This will provide a healthy space for other birds who may take shelter in them.

2.  Bird feeders

These seed feeders are “squirrel proof” and are used for supplying seeds to the birds. A bird feeder should be comfortable enough for the birds to sit on, and enjoy their meal. Placing a seed-catcher tray beneath the bird feeder is a thoughtful initiative to prevent the seeds from dropping to the ground. Seed feeders aim to protect the small birds from their larger counterparts.

Garden Accessories for birds


Bird feeders can be filled with a variety of seed mixtures like canary seeds, sunflower seeds and husk-free coats. Peanuts are known to be a delightful treat for the birds. You can also attract birds with chapatti scraps, pulses, egg shells and biscuits. Birds are intelligent creatures and thus, your efforts to make them feel comfortable will not go unnoticed.

Garden accessories for birds

Home-made Bird-feeder

3.  Bird bath

 You can install bird baths in your garden, which may be in the form of basins on pedestals and columns. They can also hang from trees, or made by carving out depressions in rocks and boulders. However, keep in mind to change the water regularly to avoid breeding of mosquito larvae.

Garden Accessories for birds

Concrete Bird-bath

Bird baths can be built using concrete models, glazed terracotta, glass, mosaic tiles, marble, metal, plastics or any other material that is suitable for an outdoor location, as well as appropriate for holding water. Some bird baths may even have circulating pumps attached to them, as a part of a fountain. Birds are auditory creatures and appreciate the sound of running water. So, a fountain installed in a birdhouse is a complete win-win!

Garden Accessories for birds

Glazed Terra-cotta Bird-bath

Bird baths are usually situated on a pedestal to make sure that birds can elude all imminent dangers. While installing a bird bath, it’s better to opt for one with small diameter so that it’s easier for the birds to get a clear view of the predators. Deeper or wider basins will keep the predators at bay. Birds love to frolic in water by immersing their wings and hence, 2 inches of water will seal the deal. Do not forget to refill the birdbath with clean water from time to time.

Garden accessories for birds


Planning a bird-friendly Garden

The garden should boast of lofty trees like Acacias, Deodars, Palms and Eucalyptus which fulfil the requirements of nesting, roosting as well as flowers for nectar. Birds have a proclivity for tall trees as they provide the perfect site for building nests. If you are planning to grow chillies in the garden, then you can be assured that parakeets will make visits to your garden to devour them!

Garden accessories for birds

Bird friendly garden

You may grow shrubs, ferns and tall grasses, meant for small birds to hide, play and seek shelter. For woodpeckers, sturdy tree branches will do the trick. Mixed hedges of holly, hawthorn and honeysuckle are a favourite among our winged friends. While small birds will remain satisfied with shrubs, bigger birds will push you to think big. It is better to plant tall trees for the bigger birds.

Have a great time shopping bird accessories!

Happy Gardening

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