Scientific name: Brassica oleracea
Number of red russian kale Seeds /pkt : 30
Type of seed : Premium Heirloom Seeds
Sunlight : Full, Part shade
Life-cycle : Annual
Ease-of-care: Easy

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Kale is a a hardy cabbage of a variety which produces erect stems with large leaves and no compact head. The tender young leaves from these fast-growing plants can be eaten raw, or cooked for soup or stir fries. A fine addition to ornamental plantings as well as spectacular garnishes.

It is very frost resistant and has a distinctive sweet flavor compared to the other varieties.

Nutritional Value:
Red Russian Kale is rich in the nutrients your body needs for its daily activities, containing more than 100 percent of your daily requirement of Vitamins A, C and E. It also contains 10 percent of your daily copper needs and 26 percent of your manganese.

Easy to grow.
Harvest in 50-65 days
Grow in seed trays, and plant out in 4-6 weeks. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed.
Best planted at soil temperatures between 8°C and 30°C.
Space plants: 40-50cm

Planting/Growing Tips:
Kale plants like to grow in a rich soil, high in organic matter and slightly acidic (5.5 – 6.5 pH). You’re growing it for the foliage, so a high nitrogen content is good. Kale can be direct seeded in the garden or started indoors and set out as transplants. Start plants indoors about 6 weeks before your last expected frost date. Kale seeds germinate quickly in warm soil and should be up within 5 – 8 days. Transplant seedlings after danger of frost. Set plants out with about 16″ spacing between plants. This gives them room to spread out and still allows for air circulation.

Maintenance and care:
Doesn’t seem to be as troubled by pests as most other cole crops. Use floating row covers to help protect from early insect infestations.
To help reduce disease, do not plant kale or other cole crops in the same location more than once every three or four years.

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