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  • Non GMO, Open Pollinated, Organic, Heirloom Seeds.
    QTY: 5 gram
    Variety: Italian

  • Crinkled leaf Fern

    Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Design details : Fantastic gift potted in a various multi-colored small terracota well baked pot.

    Crinnkled leaf fern: Is one of the best small ferns for indoors. This one has been potted in a 6″ terracota tea cup planter. Ideal for table-tops as this pot comes with its own drain tray.

    Light: Needs partial sunlight and can be kept on Writing Desks, Windows etc., No direct noon sunlight.

    Soil: Sandy, Excellent drainage.

    Watering: Water every alternate day.

    Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once a month is more than sufficient.

    Repotting: This is not normally needed, but if the plant has outgrown its pot it’s a good idea to repot in Spring.

    Speed of Growth: Slow.

    Loves to be misted. Put him under the shower regularly.

  • Oak Leaf Fern in Terracotta Pot

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Oak Leaf Fern (Drynaria) : These strikingly beautiful indoor fern is ideal for spaces under skylights or porches. This dazzler is potted in a white ribbed terracota pot, specially chosen to highlight the ribs of its leaves.

    Light: Medium amount but consistent light is needed, but you must always avoid direct sun. North or east facing balconies/ windows should bring about the magic.

    Water: Keep the plant constantly moist. Water everyday in all seasons.

    Humidity: Loves humidity in the air. Mist the plants regularly. Misting also helps in reducing the dust that tends to get collected on the large span of their leaves.

    Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once every 2 weeks is necessary for glossy and bright leaves.

    Repotting: This fern grows profusely if well cared for. So you can repot them every year during spring till it attains its full growth. After this phase, repotting once in 2 years is sufficient.

    Propagation: is mostly through spores that are produced under the leaves and is a time-consuming feat … best to buy new plants or divide old ones than try to propagate.

    Green tips: These plants have naturally glossy leaves and all you have to get them back to be glossy, is put them under a shower. A good bath has never hurt anyone, has it?

  • Small leaf Lucky Spiral Bamboo

    Image for representation only, this order includes single stick of Small leaf Lucky Spiral Bamboo

    Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Design detail : These are packed as single sticks

    Lucky Spiral Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) : Spiral bamboo sticks can carry itself gracefully as a solo stick or you can choose to group plant them in any vase.

    All they need is only water and look beautiful in modern minimalist living rooms.

    Light: Best in shaded areas or indoors near a well lit window. It suffers if there is too much or too less light.

    Watering: Grown in water, change the water once in 2 weeks.

    Humidity: Average humidity is good. It likes watering on its leaves.

    Speed of Growth: Very slow when grown in water.

    Greener tips: Good aeration and occasional stop in the shower helps the plant glow 🙂

    Also to set things right, these plants belong to Dracena spp and not Bamboo as is widely considered!

  • One stop solution for below problems
    Leaf Spots, Flower diseases, Rot, Leaf curl, Powderly mildew

    QTY: 50 g

  • Seeds: Rapids Lettuce
    Germination: Min.70%
    QTY: Kitchen Garden Pack
    Type: Hybrid

  • Manna is a unique Herbal extract for Foliar spraying.

    Quantity: 250 ml
    Content state: Liquid

  • Scientific name: Brassica juncea
    Number of florida broadleaf mustard Seeds /pkt : 50
    Type of seed : Premium Heirloom Seeds
    Sunlight : Full, Part Sunlight
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Ease-of-care: Easy

  • Scientific name: Brassica oleracea
    Number of red russian kale Seeds /pkt : 30
    Type of seed : Premium Heirloom Seeds
    Sunlight : Full, Part shade
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Ease-of-care: Easy

  • Scientific name: Brassica oleracea
    Number of dwarf siberian kale Seeds /pkt : 30
    Type of seed : Premium Heirloom Seeds
    Sunlight : Full, Part shade
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Ease-of-care: Easy

  • Number of Italian Broad leaf basil Seeds /pkt : 100
    Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum
    Type of seed : Hybrid
    Sunlight : Full, Part Sunlight
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Outdoor sowing
    Best quality Seeds
    Best quality for home gardeners

  • Kitchen Favorite Herbs Seeds Pack

    Plant these popular herbs in your garden and enjoy some fresh-from-the-earth taste at your dinner table.
    Growing herbs at home is a fun, money-saving hobby that also happens to be good for your health. In addition to flavoring up your favorite dishes, herbs are filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients
    When you grow your own herbs you can use what you need at the moment by harvesting small amounts, fresh from the plant.

    Italian Large Leaf Basil – (10 Seeds)
    Coriander Seeds – (50 Seeds)
    Parsley Seeds – (15 Seeds)
    Thyme Seeds – (30 Seeds)
    Methi Seeds – (30 Seeds)
    VNS Alfalfa Seeds – (50 Seeds)
    Mammoth Dill Seeds – (20 Seeds)
    Amaranthus- (100 Seeds)



Showing all 13 results