• Mizuna Green seeds are known as Japanese Mustard.
  • It is vigorous green that branches prolifically.
  • Mizuna likes full sun or partial shade
  • They are fully mature at 6-8 weeks.
  • After Harvest, Mizuna Green is used for salads.

Germination: 70%

Number of seeds: 50

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Mizuna green can sow from early spring through midsummer.

  • Mizuna Green should be harvested before flowering.
  • It continues to produce for several weeks from one planting as a cut and come again product.
  • Mizuna green is organically grown.
  • It is an unique mustard green of Japanese origin.
  • Mizuna produces pencil thin white stalks with deeply cut and fringed leaves.
  • It is a Mild flavor.


A popular leafy vegetable from Asia, mizuna greens are used worldwide. Like many Asian greens, mizuna greens are related to the more familiar mustard greens, and can be incorporated into many Western dishes. Keep reading for more information on growing mizuna greens.

Mizuna Early is tolerant to both heat and cold and slow to go to seed, making it an ideal green for continuous summer harvest. Mizuna Purple is best picked when its leaves are small, after only a month of growth. In Asia, mizuna is often pickled. In the west, it is much more popular as a salad green with its mild, yet peppery, taste. It also works well in stir-fries and soups.

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