Product:Bio Bloom Organic Microbes For Smartbins
QTY: 2 packs of 500gm
How to use: To be sprinkled 1 teaspoon per handful of food waste. Then mixed and put into smartbins.
Purpose: Anyone using a smartbin or people who compost by other means can also use as an excellent accelerator.

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Bio Bloom

It acts as catalyst in process of converting your kitchen waste to compost. It is developed from the bran which is produced after rice or wheat is polished. The bran, in itself, is a good source of microbes.

How much it needs to be added?
The rule of thumb is for one large handful (with open palm) of waste, sprinkle 1 tea spoon of it. For 2 large handful of waste sprinkle 1 table spoon. If unsure, sprinkle a little more. To fill one bin you’d use 3/4th of a packet (about 375 grams).

Can the smartbin used without Bio Bloom?
No. Never use it without the Bio Bloom. It will rot, and stink to high heavens! And its is not expensive at all.

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