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Compost bins

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    For 1 – 4 members family size

    What you get in the Kit:

    – 2 Smartbin Air 20L, Bins
    – 2 Strainers 20L – Air
    – 2 Stands 2.5″
    – 2 Taps
    – 3 Kgs of Bio Bloom Air (should last a nuclear family 30 – 45 days)
    – 2 Packets of Camphor tablets
    – 1 Pair of rubber gloves
    – 4 Stage II Curing Bags
    – Free Home Delivery All Over India

    What makes Smart Bin Air special?

    *Smart kitchen dustbins that transform your food waste to healthy & fertile soil
    *Perfect for food waste management & garbage disposal at home
    *Gives high quality organic manure or compost for all your ornamental, flowering & vegetable plants
    *Gives smart-brew – the world’s best liquid organic fertilizer, drain & toilet cleaner
    *Stops landfills, air & ground water pollution while improving the lives of waste-workers.

    *Ease of use:
    No mixing or turning, Forgiving & flexible system, Easy to teach to household help, Lifetime support & hand-holding.
    *Value for money
    Long lasting – lasts over 10 years, Composts all kinds of food waste, Gives compost as well as liquid fertilizer, Gives organic drain and toilet cleaner.
    *Clean & hygienic
    No stink or foul smell, No insects, flies or maggots, Neat & clean, non-messy operation, Completely safe to handle

  • Cocopeat based Anaerobic composting microbes ideal for Bokashi composting. Net Wt. ~ 1kg How to use For Old version of Smartbins Mix 1 tablespoon for every handful of waste Pour it into your smartbins and press it down to remove air gaps & close the lid Repeat till bin fills and set aside. Bio Bloom C will turn your waste to pickle in 15 days. Layer the pickle with cocopeat/dry compost/ dry soil in an aerated container for 20-30 days & your compost will be ready. How to use For Other Composters Sprinkle a handful in your compost pile every few inches.

Showing all 7 results