Kit will include:

  • 2 Smartbin Minis (10 liters each, lasts 10-12 yrs)
  • 2 Lids
  • 2 Strainers
  • 2 Taps
  • Tap fittings
  • 2 packs of Bio Bloom worth Rs 244/- (will last a nuclear family 2 – 3 months),

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It’s a smart kitchen dustbin that converts your food waste to awesome compost (organic fertilizer) for plants instead of letting them go to the landfills and creating pollution and disease . It is easy to use, neat & clean, offers odor free operation, & does not allow insects, flies or maggots. The internal satisfaction of not contributing to the degradation of our environment is of course, an added bonus.

It works in 2 stages. In stage 1 food waste is thrown into these bins, just like you would in your regular kitchen’s dustbin. The difference is, we press the waste down with the bottom of a bowl to remove air gaps and sprinkle a teaspoon of Bio Bloom microbes (also available through us) and keep the lid closed at all times. Bio Bloom stops the waste from rotting and converts it to pickle (hence no smell).

In stage 2, that pickle is layered with dry compost you generated in previous batches through your smart bin. At the end of 3 – 4 weeks you have ready made, very high quality planting media, that your flowers & vegetable plants are going to love!

How to setup and use your Smartbin? Check the below video for a clear demonstration.

Stage 1

Stage 2


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