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Herbs Garden Kit

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Herbs Garden Kit includes:

Methi Fenugreek Kasuri- 30 Seeds
Thyme – 30 Seeds
Chives – 20 Seeds
Genovese Green Basil- 50 Seeds
Anith- 100 Seeds
Ashwagandha- 30 Seeds
Sage- 100 Seeds
Rocket Rucola- 100 Seeds
Coriander- 50 Seeds
Spinach- 50 Seeds

600 gm Coco peat Brick
10 Growbags (Large)
Panchagavya (1.25 Ltr)

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There’s no better choice for container plantings than flavorful herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme and parsley.
With pots, you can have your herbs close to the kitchen–on the patio, on the back-porch steps or even on the kitchen windowsill, if you’re lucky enough to have a very sunny one.
Herbs will add greenery and fragrance to your living space. And it will be so easy to snip a few stalks that you may find yourself cooking with herbs in new and adventurous ways.
If you’re new to gardening, or new to growing food, herbs in containers are a marvelously satisfying way to start. Imagine the first time you serve guests tomatoes garnished with basil you grew yourself.

Here are a few things to think about as you plan an herb garden:
*Sun is essential: Most of the herbs need sun-drenched regions, so they will need a place where the sun shines at least eight hours a day.
*Planters: Go with good size container, Large grow bags are ideally suited (It is a good idea to combine several herbs that have the same watering requirements into a single container)
*Good drainage, good size: Make sure your container has a nice-sized hole so that surplus water can drain away; herbs can’t stand to have their roots sitting in too-wet soil.
*Slow start: Herb seedlings may not look like much in their first weeks, but once they get going in warm weather they will thrive.
*Plan to fertilize: That frequent watering tends to wash nutrients from the pots’ soil, so you will need to replenish them with fertilizer. Use a regular houseplant fertilizer at one-half the strength recommended on the label every three weeks or so.

Herbs are all about leaves. It’s the leaves we eat in most cases, not the flowers. So avoid using a fertilizer made to encourage flowers. And keep up with the harvesting to keep plants bushy and discourage them from blooming; often, blooming will change the flavor of the leaves. Harvest the oldest stems individually with scissors rather than mowing the whole plant to keep a steady stream of leaves coming.

Like with like. Herbs, like all plants, vary in their needs. So make sure the plants you use together need the same conditions. Rosemary, which likes its soil drier and leaner, won’t mix well with basil, which likes more water and fertilizer. Planting in pots makes it easy to give each plant the kind of soil, fertilizer and watering it needs. For fertilizer options click on :

Mix it up. In addition to combining well-matched herbs in the same pot, you can mix them with compatible flowers. In fact, many flowers–such as pansies, nasturtiums and marigolds–are edible.

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