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Garden Kit

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  • Drip Kit

    Drip Kit 2 items

    1. Fill potting mixture into  the black inner – pot and press down lightly.
    2. Place seeds evenly, push down about 2cm & cover potting mix. spray water evenly.
    3. Keep your plant in a sunny window.continue to spray evenly twice a day.
    4. When your plant is about 5mm tall; pour 100 ml water in the colored pot every 9 – 10 days.
    5. Have fun with your new green friend.
  • Contents
    *Grow Bag-White
    *Potting mix(1 Kg)
    *Seeds(60 seeds)

    How to use:
    *Fill GreenMyLife Potting mix provided into the grow bag
    *Sow the seeds in 0.5- 1.0 depth (Not more than that)
    *Sprinkle the water on a daily basis(Just sprinkle 100ml)
    *You are all set to grow organic greens in your home
    *Germination will happen within 7-10 days
    *Make sure the sunlight availability(at least 3-4 hours)
    *Harvest chemical free organic greens within 40 days.


  • Natural Care Kit for 200 Sq Ft Garden includes:

    Content Quantity
    Desi Cow Manure 8 kg
    Desi Cow Ghana Jeevamrith 1 kg
    Desi Gau Dung Ash 1 kg
    Neemastra 1 Ltr


  • Table Top Grow Kit

    Attractive table top grow bags for display on your office desk, dining table, study table etc. Easy to use and a good choice for those who like planting indoor plants.

    Preferred plants:
    Money Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Begonia, Coleus, Geranium, Calathea Zebrina, Peperomia, Basil, Pudina, Ferns

    Box includes:
    Table top grow bags-6 QTY
    Trays for grow bags- 6 QTY
    Processed Peatbrick suitable for grow bag- 6 QTY
    Boon Harvest satchet- 50gm

    Directions for use:
    1. Open the grow bag and place it on tray
    2. Pour about 350ml water in the bag to reconstitute Peatbrick planting media.
    3. Once the media has fully expanded stir with spoon and the fluffy media is ready for planting.

    Also available in below pattern, product will be sent according to availability of pattern

    table top pattern

  • ‘My First Garden’ is a well designed Fun and Educational Grow Kit, researched and created to develop interest in agriculture among the kids.

    Kit includes:
    1. Base Tray
    2. Seedling cavity tray
    3. Transparent Lid
    4. Neopeat Discs
    5. Seeds
    6. Instruction Manual

    Check below for the detailed procedure

  • Vegetable Garden Pack includes:
    1.Cocopeat Brick- 650 gm
    2.Hand Trowel / Any gardening Tool – 1
    3.Grow Bags Large- 8
    4.Vegetable Seeds pack
    Includes 8 variety
    -Bottle gourd
    5. Neem Oil-100 ml

  • Drain Cell: Rectangle Dimension: 20 inch X 9.5 inch
    Thickness: 20 mm

    QTY: 2 pieces


    Grow Bag: Height: 40 cm X Length: 24 cm X Width: 24 cm
    150 Microns, 600 Gauge
    U.V. Stabilized

    QTY: 4 Bags

  • Special Flower Grow Kit

    This pack includes:
    1. 5 type special flower Seeds
    a. Alyssum Rosie O Day Seeds-1 Pack
    b.Cosmos Orange Seeds-1 Pack
    c.Pansy Aqua Lemon Seeds-1 Pack
    d. Ice plant mix seeds -1 Pack
    e. Dianthus babyDol Mixed Seeds-1 Pack
    2. Grow Bags
    a. Large LDPE Grow Bags-5 Bags
    b. Medium LDPE Grow Bags-3 Bags
    c. Small LDPE Grow Bags-2 Bags
    3. Cocopeat 650 gm – 1 qty
    4. Neem Oil – 100 ml

  • GreenMyLife has come with a perfect kit for garden enthusiast who is willing to grow on his own organically.

    GreenMyLife Basic Garden Kit with Coriander, Tomato, Spinach, Bhindi, Carrot, Chilli Seeds includes,
    1.Large Grow Bags-6 QTY
    2.Cocopeat Brick (650 gm) – 1 QTY
    3.Vermi compost(500 gm)-1 QTY
    4.Neem Cake (100gm)-1 QTY
    5.Coriander(pack of 50 seeds)-1 QTY
    6.Tomato(Pack of 30 seeds)-1 QTY
    7.Spinach(Pack of 50 seeds)-1 QTY
    8.Bhindi(pack of 20 seeds)-1 QTY
    9.Carrot(Pack of 20 seeds)-1 QTY
    10.Chilli(pack of 30 seeds)-1 QTY

    Grow Bags: Size: Height-40 cm X Length- 24 cm X Width-24 cm
    150 Microns
    600 Gauge
    U.V. Stabilized

    These are ideal for balcony or small gardens, where space is a premium and you don’t want to be fiddling around with dirt.

    Cocopellets are used for the faster germination.
    Vermicompost and Neem cake acts as suppliment.

    Coriander, Tomato, Spinach, Bhindi, Carrot, Chilli are the easy growing basic seeds.
    Without much efforts and hassle these can be grown in the GreenMyLife growbags.
    Taste the organic veggies in your home, the joy of growing makes happy living.


Showing all 12 results