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This Manual Drip Irrigation Watering Kit is ideal for Vegetable Garden.
This water conserving drip system covers 10 pots. and can easily be expanded as your landscape grows. Everything is included for a complete installation, no gluing is required.

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Drip Kit includes:
1. 16mm Main supply line Pipe-5 mtrs
2. 4mm Feeder line Pipe-5 mtrs
3. Drip Emitters-10 nos
4. Feeder to main supply line connectors-10 nos
5. Emitter Stakes-10 nos
6. Dummy -3nos (For closing any unwanted hole in main supply line)
7. Elbow connector-3
8. T connector-1 nos
9. Straight connector-1
10. End Cap-1
11. Drip Hole Punch-1(tool to make hole in mainsupply pipe)
12. Washer(To connect main line without leakage)-1
13. Tap Connector-1
14. Installation Manual

Needs to be connected to main line from Overhead tank. Works on gravitational force.

Q: Give more details of the product
— Asked by Basheer Mohideen on August 21, 2015
A: This Drip Kit has all the necessary parts that is needed for whole setup. Its a Do-It-Yourself kit which comes with easy pictorial representation manual. All that needs is a simple and creative plan to set the plants in required passion and you are ready to have a happy garden with timely and hassle free irrigation model.
Q: Give more details of this product
— Asked by ARM Rao on August 2, 2015
A: Dear Mr.ARM Rao, have mailed you the info.

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