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  • This Manual Drip Irrigation Watering Kit is ideal for Vegetable Garden.
    This water conserving drip system covers 10 pots. and can easily be expanded as your landscape grows. Everything is included for a complete installation, no gluing is required.

  • Block Dimension 30X30X15 cm
    Block Weight 4.5 to 5.0 Kg
    pH 5.5 to 6.5
    Expansion volume(Water absorption) 70 to 75 litres per block

    This cocopeat Brick is enriched with N:P:K nutrients in proper ratio, which is needed for healthy plant growth.

  • Seeds: Watermelon Seeds
    Number of seeds: 40 Seeds
    Type: Open Pollinated Indian Heirloom Seeds
    Germination: Min 80%


  • Extension Length: 50 Foot
    Colour: Blue
    Includes: Spray Gun
    Spray Gun Patterns: Cone,Center,Mist, Jet, Shower, Flat

    It’s about time someone came up with a hose that’s not a hassle to use. This Self Coiled Hose 50 Foot takes the hassle out of washing your car, watering your lawn and much  more! It uncoils to a full 50 ft so you can move it around without those annoying tangles  or kinks you get with conventional hoses. And, when you’re done, it automatically recoils for quick and easy storage.

    These hoses are not only durable, flexible and compact, but they also offer superior  bursting strength when compared to some other economy coil hoses. The full 1/2″ diameter of this hose will also provide you with 33% more spraying pressure than a 3/8″ diameter coil hose.

  • A water spray gun is something that simply makes sense. In its second generation now, the Zephyr spray gun does it the best way on the market. It is a no-brainer purchase for anyone with a garden or car/floor washing hose, especially the Zephyr garden hose. This spray-gun with its industrial level metal construction would last long without any leaks or cracks. The 9-modes, gentle and powerful, help you be more efficient by choosing the correct mode for your activity, makes it a lot more fun and ultimately saves water too. The high-quality nozzle can be used to attach it to any 1/2 inch bore hose or it can be removed to allow the gun to fix to any GHT (the usual) thread fitting. It just makes sense to buy one, and you know that.


Showing all 5 results