Garden potting bench

Don’t you feel the need of a perfect potting bench for your garden? A place where you can do all the tending of your plants and pots? Read more to learn about this.

Don’t you feel the need of a perfect potting bench for your garden? A place where you can do all the tending of your plants and pots?A potting bench will give you space to do all your small gardening tasks such as transplanting seedlings, trimming your potted plants, aerating their soil etc. Potting bench

The benefits of a potting bench is that it gives you a comfortable height to work on, rather than you stooping on the ground. It can also serve as a small storage area for keeping soil, pots, tools etc. It can also be used as an accessory to display your plants. Finding the perfect potting bench though may be more or less a menace, because not many sell it here in India. So I am today going to give you a short guide to how to make a wooden potting bench for yourself.

One thing which should always be kept in mind is that a potting bench is always exposed to extremities of nature. So if you are going to put so much of your hard work while making it make sure to choose the right wood for it too, which is weather resistant.  The most suitable wood is cedar, it is weather resistant and not very expensive. You might opt of teak as that might prove to be expensive. Other suitable options are the wood of Sal, Eucalyptus, Acacia, and White Oak.

Now to start making the potting bench, you will need

•Wooden planks of 2×4”, 1×3”, 1×2”, 1×6” thickness and width
•A hammer
•Measuring tape
•Straight edge
•Screw driver
•Spirit level
•Varnish or paintMaking your own potting bench

Let’s start!

Inspect your wooden planks and make sure that they are straight and of uniform thickness. If you are using your old furniture make sure you do the disassembling very carefully without damaging the wood.

Cut the wooden planks in the following measurements-

10 pieces – 2x4x36″ (Shelf Boards)

4  pieces – 2x4x19 1/2″ (Shelf Supports)

2  pieces – 2x4x36″ (Front Legs)Potting Bench Screws

2  pieces – 2x4x48″ (Back Legs)

2  pieces – 1x2x19 1/2″ (Centre Shelf Support)

2  pieces – 1x6x39″ (Top Shelf)

2  pieces – 1x3x39″ (Back Supports)

First start by making the counters for the bench. Attach 5 shelf boards on two shelf supports to make it as in the figure. Then reverse the counter and attach the centre shelf support at the centre. This will give it extra stability. Repeat the steps to make two identical ones.Potting Bench Dimensions

Now marking 36” form the bottom, attach top counter with the front and back legs. Then leave around 6” from the ground and attach the bottom counter as well. Now we are very close to finishing the potting bench.Potting Bench DIY

Now attach the back supports along the counters and one at the top, these are essential to keep the bench sturdy. Also attach the top shelf at the top of the legs.

Potting Bench DIY

Now finally smoothen your bench with some sand paper, and after dusting off all the dust add varnish and paint to it.Smoothen the potting bench






The last and the best part is to decorate it! Keep all your special plants on it and make it your own.Decorate your potting bench







Happy Gardening

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