If the talk is about organic farming, organic fertilizers, manures or even nutritional remedies, Panchagavya rates right up there. Read more to learn about this.

Panchagavya – Our Ancestors’ Magic Potion

Over the years, chemicals used in agriculture have caused extensive damage to the quality of soil, crops, water and to human and animal health. We are now striving to go back to organic and natural farming techniques. A key ingredient of organic farming, Panchagavya, has been handed down to us from our ancestors and has been used successfully over the generations.

Panchagavya or Panchakavya, is made from the blend of five cow-derived products. In Sanskrit Panch mean five and gavya means cow; hence the name Panchagavya.

Panchagavya has uses, not only in the field of agriculture, but can also be used for the improvement of human and animal health.

For example, in plants Panchagavya promotes growth, yield and immunity and is also an organic pesticide. For animals, Panchagavya stimulates the production of anti-bodies increasing immunity. In humans, Panchagavya has been reported to increase appetite, heal wounds, and as a cure for psoriasis and white patches.

How to make Panchagavya on your own (Panchagavya Recipe):    

Panchagavya uses only organic products and can be made at home. In cities, though, the ingredients may prove a little difficult to find. The five or panch ingredients of Panchagavya are cow urine, fresh cow dung, cow milk, cow curd and cow ghee. To eliminate foul odours and to improve upon the initial five ingredients, other products have to be added.panchagavya recipe

The products with their quantities and substitutes are:-

Cow milk- 2 litres

Cow curd- 2 litres

Cow urine- 3 litres

Cow ghee- ½ kg

Fresh cow dung- 5 kg

Sugarcane juice- 3kg (Substitute- 500 grams of jaggery in 3 litres of water)

Tender coconut water- 3 litres

Banana ripe- 12 numbers

Toddy or grape juice- 2 litres ( Substitute 1 – 100 grams yeast powder with 100 grams jaggery in 2 litres of water kept for 30 minutes before use ) ( Substitute 2- 2 litres of tender coconut water kept in a closed plastic container for 10 days )

 Method of Preparation:

Panchagavya has to be prepared in a wide mouth container made of mud, concrete or plastic. The container should not be made of any metal.

The first step is to mix fresh cow dung and ghee in the container. Mix it twice a day for 3 days. On the fourth day, add the remaining ingredients to the container. Stir the mixture twice a day for the next 15 days. On the 19th day, the Panchagavya mixture will be ready for use.

Storing Panchagavya:

Panchagavya should be kept in the shade and be covered at all times. Care has to be taken that no insect falls in the mixture or panchagavya recipelays eggs in it. To prevent this, the container should always be covered with a wire mesh or plastic cover.

Panchagavya can be stored for 60 days without any effect to its quality, provided that it is kept in the shade and is being stirred twice a day.

In the event that the solution thickens over time, water must be added appropriately.

Dosage of Panchagavya:

For spraying:

3% of the solution in water i.e. 3 litres of Panchagavya to every 100 litres of water, is the most appropriate proportion for spraying.

For irrigation:

For irrigation, the amount of Panchagavya per litre should be 20 litres/acre.

For seed treatment:

Soak the seeds for 20 minutes in 3% Panchagavya solution in water before planting. Similarly rhizomes of turmeric or ginger and cutting of sugarcane should be soaked for 30 minutes before planting.

Frequency of use:

Before flowering- once in 15 days (two sprays)

Flowering stage- once in 10 days (two sprays)

Fruit bearing stage- once.

Happy Gardening'
October 16, 2016

Can i use Panchangavya along with neam oil

December 13, 2016

Dear Aditya,

Thanks for writing to us.
As both are organic, can be used together and won’t harm by any way to plants.

Feel free to reach us for any assistance, through

Happy Gardening!'
September 19, 2017

I have 230 of 5 years of Mango tree..i need to spray panchagavya…from which month to which month i need to spray and how many times in month and what time is the best to spray

October 4, 2017

Dear Prashanth,

Panchagavya can be sprayed any month.
Monthly once is recommended for the regular trees. If the trees are too weak please apply 15 days once.
Morning 6AM or Evening 6PM is ideal to apply.

Feel free to reach us for any assistance.

Happy Gardening!'
December 24, 2017

Can we store it in any plastic container? If yes, then what kind of plastic?

February 8, 2018

Yes, it can be stored in any good containers. Shelf life will be Maximum of 6 months, we request to use well within that period'
December 24, 2017

Also, can it be stored for an year in a plastic container?

February 8, 2018

Shelf life will be Maximum of 6 months, we request to use well within that period'
March 6, 2018

The dilution for irrigation is not clear. Is it one litre panchagavya in 20 litres of water ?

March 14, 2018

Yes, for the irrigation also same proportion hold good. One litre panchagavya in 20 litres of water to be diluted and supplied.'
January 15, 2020

Can I store it on airtight container?

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