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Do you have a garden and are you confused about how to design it? Why don’t you try giving it a theme? There are various landscape design styles or themes depending on the country they’ve originated from. Give your space a new character by choosing the one you that suits your house and surroundings.

Landscape design styles  are divided based on specific features in form and space conceptualization, build features and use of materials. The typologies may include cultural and historic gardens such as Japanese, Spanish, English and few new age styles like minimalistic and modern. Another way to identify styles is to base it on forms which can be regular or naturalistic.

Regular Landscaping Style
Regular Landscaping Style


This is most often observed in the classical landscape designs. Such gardens are best fit for homes done in a luxurious classical style. There is use of pure geometry in the layout of the space. The pathways are well defined and if you would like to add drama to the space,sculptural water feature can be used. The arrangements of the soft scape follows the format of straight, axial or circular patterns.Additional elements like ceramic pots arranged in symmetry add grandeur.


Naturalistic Landscaping Style
Naturalistic Landscaping Style

This type of design blends into its surrounding environment.So if you like an informal set up this format is something that you should opt for. The geometry of the layout will have meandering lines and organic forms. Naturalistic style is quite often seen in Contemporary large estates. Water body is seen as small ponds with irregular borders along with beach of grasses. Use of materials are quite close to nature , for example bricks, mosaic and terra-cotta.



English Garden Landscaping Style
English Garden

The roots of this garden originate from Early Roman type .It is a blend of formal and informal settings. They can be considered as a relaxation of highly symmetrical and ordered style of the French Renaissance. The typical features of such a style are straight or gently winding pathways, stone elements like benches, walls in the quintessential classical style,columns or statues from the classically derived character .Topiary defined plants beds and hedges add the necessary old style charm.



Mediterranean Landscaping Style
Mediterranean Formal Garden

Quite like Mediterranean food , the garden style is also mix of two other types.This look is inspired from southern Italy and more arid areas of Spain. The basic criteria is gravel pathways and shaded seating area. The styles could further be distinguished as formal and informal. Colorful tiles in mosaic, terra-cotta pots provide vibrancy to the setting.


The guiding features of such a setting are defined pathways, trellis, statuary, fountains and beds at different levels.

Medittaranean Garden Style Informal
Mediterranean Informal Garden

The organization is more curvilinear and gentle.The planting is more soft and relaxed yet coordinated. The over all attempt is to be more closer to nature.





This garden style was influenced by the Islamic, Moorish and Persian gardens .This style is quite popular in regions with similar climate

Spanish Landscaping Garden Style
Spanish Garden

conditions like that of Spain. The Spanish mastered the art of having separate spaces within their garden layout . Patios were created by walled sections, there were terraces offering view into the landscape and fountains were central features of the courtyard. In this garden too one notices use of ceramic tiles. Symmetry has been the basic of this style but you might see that changing now.




This style has emerged from a mix of Muslim and English garden style. The typical features of this style are ponds, fountains , basins and water

Moorish Landscaping Garden Style
Moorish Garden

channels. Usually the garden is right in front of the house and further spreads out on either sides cutting across water bodies allowing a beautiful silhouettes of the building on the water body . The planting palette breathes luxury combined with luxurious elegant architectural style.





Japanese Landscaping Garden Style
Japanese Garden

This is the most famous style as of now. Not many adapt it but definitely like to view it. Japanese garden style is based on the concept of spirituality. Design should maintain over all calmness and appeasement observed in nature. They imitate nature at a smaller scale by various means. An important characteristic is to create enclosure by offering refuge from very day life .The common elements are rocks, lanterns, more of evergreen planting and use of water to realize the importance of the same in your life.




Modern Garden Landscaping Style
Modern Style

One of the most widely used design type is the Modern garden style. The layout is driven by lines. All the zones in the garden flow into one another yet maintain clarity of the space. The entire design is driven by simplicity and sleekness in form . Color palette is usually white , grey or black. Materials include concrete and pebbles for paving.

With so many styles discussed above , you will now to be able to choose  something best suited to your taste. For more information on each of these styles, keep watching this space!


Written by Priyanka Malik for GreenMyLife

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