Indoor flowering plants

With houseplants, there comes joy. They add greenery and interact with your body and mind, enhancing your quality of life. As we all know, plants release oxygen, the very essence of human life, as a part of their cycle of sustaining themselves. Read more to learn about this.

Plants also release moisture, keeping respiratory diseases at bay. Plants purify the air by absorbing organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. All these gases are released from common household items such as paints rugs etc. Having plants in your study improves productivity and sharpens focus.  If there weren’t reasons enough, plants make your living space darn pretty.

Here is a list of plants that can survive without any sunlight, hence great for the indoors.


With the right care and conditioning, begonias flourish indoors. Although they do not need direct sunlight, they do need some amount of light. This can be provided with fluorescent lighting or diffused sunlight near a sunny window. Cool white lights would do too. You could go for a more lavish plant specific light set-up too. 14 hours of light a day should be enough.

You must be careful while watering your begonias, as they must never be over watered. Only water when the soil has dried out. Regular fertilizing is a must. Begonias love humidity, so a bathroom would be the perfect place to keep them.indoor flowering plants


Coleus is the easiest plant to have indoors. They must be kept moist all the time, especially if you have a newly planted coleus. Other than that, it is a low maintenance plant. Fertilizing is optional; it boosts the plant growth.indoor flowering plants


Fuchsia is a beautiful two-toned delicate flower that would improve the aesthetics of your indoors dramatically. The most important thing you could do to keep your fuchsias healthy is to water them regularly. This will make it grow the way it is supposed to. Fuchsias are the ‘it’ place for all sorts of insects. Simply put, fuchsias are highly prone to bug infestations. Keep your eyes open for any sign of infestation. Place them in a relatively cooler spot in the summers. Fertilize every once in two weeks.indoor flowering plants

Hoya (Wax Plant)

Hoya, called the teenager of indoor plants, is a tough plant and does not require much pampering. It does well in fluorescent light or with indirect sunlight. Keep its soil moist but make sure the pot has drainage holes and is filled with well-draining soil. Fertilizing your Hoyas is a good idea as it will keep them nifty.indoor flowering plants

Rosary vine

This heart-shape leaved plant is a charming houseplant. Rosary vines thrive under fluorescent light. The soil must be kept lightly moist; it is more tolerant of dry soil than very wet soil. It grows great in moderate humidity and slightly cool temperature of about 18 to 24 degree Celsius. It must be fertilized monthly.indoor flowering plants

Do not restrain yourself from keeping houseplants if you do not have sunlit rooms. There are plenty of plants that do not need the sun.

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