Herbal tea garden

The sensuous aroma of tea diffusing into the air.Read more to learn about this.

The breeze around transporting you to the taste of heaven, might not be one’s average midnight summer’s dream! But for those who are tea lovers, nothing can be more satisfying than growing tea in their own yard and then watching it grow into beautiful tea bushes as they cherish the desire of making a hot cuppa!

Herbal tea garden

Herbal tea: Think what you Drink!

Designing a Herbal Tea Garden

Growing herbal tea in your own yard will make sure that you voluntarily embrace a healthy lifestyle. You can even monitor the growth of different kinds of tea herbs at every step. The tea that is prepared from plants other than the tea bush is known as a “Tisane” or “herbal infusion”.

Growing 3 to 4 types of herbs in a single large pot is not only a convenient choice, but also looks incredible once it gets matured. Moreover, since herbs have always been valued for their aroma, the fragrance that will emanate from these herbs would be enough for narrating the tale of a unique olfactory experience!

Herbal tea garden

Herbal tea garden

The design of your herbal tea garden should be such that it becomes a manifestation of your personal taste. You can have a giant caged kettle made of wrought iron but make sure it has a door-like structure so that the interior of the kettle can easily be converted into a confluence of lavender and chamomile.

Also, why leave the snout of the kettle empty when creativity is your middle name? You can use it to display hanging baskets with straggling Indian strawberries that will provide company to the chamomile and lavender that are growing “indoors”. If this idea doesn’t excite you, then you can try something else. For instance, how about you place a table and an iron chair amidst the herbal tea bushes that offers you the chance to sip and dip into the bough of nature?


The location for the herbal tea cultivation should be determined by the availability of a good amount of sunlight. If you have container gardening in mind, then make sure to opt for a large planter, either made of terra-cotta or carved out of concrete stone. The best part of a container herbal tea garden is that, irrespective of whether it is located on a rooftop or balcony, you can be versatile and flexible with your choice of space.

Herbal tea garden

Herbal tea container garden

If you are planning on growing herbs for your tea in the backyard, then make sure to get a few rectangular boxes and get them arranged in a row. This will ensure that you are able to cultivate all your favourite tea herbs with finesse.

Herbs to choose:

Once the layout of garden has been sorted, your next step would be to select herbs of your choice. The following are a few varieties of herbs from which you may choose:

  • Chamomile

Once matured, these white flowers will stand out amongst the green backdrop of herbs. The benign flavour of chamomile tea has a number of health benefits. For instance, it helps to counter insomnia. A cup of brewing chamomile tea after a stressful day is all that you can ask for! German Chamomile makes for an excellent apple-scented tea, which smells good and tastes even better.

Herbal tea garden


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  • Lemon Balm

It is not without a reason that the Lemon balm is termed as the ‘happy herb’. An excellent source of rejuvenation, the lemon balm soothes the nervous system.

Herbal tea garden

Lemon balm

  • Rose hips

Tea made from Rose hips is considered to be a rich source of Vitamin C and hence, consuming Rose hips infused tea will surely leave you exuberant in the midst of a mundane schedule. It acquires a glorious ruddy hue when left on the bush.

Herbal tea garden

Rose hips

  • Lemon Verbena

Due to its enticing smell, your dearest pet cats wouldn’t cease to love you even after you plant Lemon Verbena! In a container, it usually grows up to 2-3ft high, but if grown in the ground, it towers up to a height of 5-10ft.

Herbal Tea Garden

Lemon verbena

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  • Mint

Peppermint and spearmint are the two most common types of mint to be defined by their runners. If you are a beginner in the art of gardening, then it’s better to start by planting chocolate mint or orange. These can be used for garnishing purposes.

Herbal tea garden


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  • Rosemary

It is valued for its anti-oxidant properties as well as its piney flavour. The leaves of this plant are used for steeping.

Herbal tea garden


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Things to Remember:

If you’re all set to grow your own herbal tea garden, then  keep the following tips in mind:

  • The Lemon Verbena should be pruned well in order to achieve a thick, plush and bushy herb. The mint requires a good amount of moisture. So, in case you are living in an area with dry spells, make sure to water it regularly to promote a healthy growth.
  • Alpine strawberries have an affinity towards rich soil while lavender loves to soak in the full bright sun.
  • Leaves, buds and petals of a number of different plants can be trimmed and dried, or mixed together with other herbs for preparing tea blends that persist for months.


Herbal tea garden

 Once you have mastered the art of growing herbal tea, you are ready to come up with a host of activities in your tea garden. Why not present the dried tea leaves to your friends? Or, how about organizing walks around your tea garden, tea-leaf reading and tea tasting sessions? If you are a little more ambitious, you might as well set up your very own tea boutique.

Happy Gardening

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