Decorate your entrance with plants

Decorating your entrance or front porch, adds a lot to your house. And as they say; first impression is the last impression and so you should strive to create a marvelous first impression for whoever comes to your door.Read more to learn about this.

Your style and way of decoration will speak a lot about you, so if you are like me someone who just loves to go green, I will share some of my ways and ideas to decorate your front porch or entrance!

Front Entrance DesignIt is always a good idea to paint your porch to jazz up the surroundings and organic paint sounds like a good idea to me. Its non toxic, safe and care me made at home. I am suggesting one way to make organic paint at home. This one is an egg tempura and to make it you will need:

  • Egg yolk (you will only need egg yolk, you can use the egg white for cooking)
  • 2 tsp of Water
  • Chalk pastels
  • A bowl
  • Egg whisker
  • A plastic bag
  • A small stone or mortar

In the plastic bag crush the chalk pastels till they are a very fine powder. Take the egg yolks and whisk them well with 2 tsp of water till they are a frothy yellow, don’t let this set and use it immediately. In a bowl add the chalk with the egg mixture and your egg tempura is ready to be painted on your walls. These are the various effects you can achieve with the paints. Add a paint of contract color to one section of the wall, or the door. Here the yellow works perfectly and balances the monotony of white of the walls.

Plant in a setting – adding a plant near the door draw interest to the whole setting; here is what you can do with it.

Porch DecorPlants near door

 If you have a few steps before your  door, play around with plants on them.  You can try out by keeping similar plant pots on the same  step.

 Hang a mirror near a plant on your front porch.  The mirror will catch sunlight and illuminate the place and the plant will add an interesting shadow to the setting.


Similar effect can be achieve with a painting (maybe your own) and a plant next to it.

Kettle Planter This one is my favorite. If you have any old unused china use them as planters. A good alternative to the traditional pots and a good use for old china. I love the way this photo is taken with old books under it!

Cane garden lights


These cane lights will brighten your porch area!

Creepers at entranceClimbers have always been a good way of decorating the entrance, here are some things what you can do with it.

Let the climbers climb on an arc support  just before the front door.


Twinkling lights garden

Cane and bamboo furniture and products. Both cane and bamboo are grass, and can grow about a meter a day! And as it is a grass when you cut bamboo is starts growing again. Hence cane and bamboo furniture are far greener than any other wood furniture. Also  the color of cane and bamboo will fit magically in your surroundings. Here are some DIY’s which you can try out with twigs and sticks lying around your garden. These ideas when executed by yourself will definitely make you feel at home.



Happy Gardening

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