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Bird Feeders

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  • Capacity: 800 ML
    Dimensions(In Inches): Height- 9 Inches

    Bird feeder which is used to attract a variety of garden bird. Give garden birds some tasty treats with this simple, but attractive bird feeder.

    Install Bird feeder in your garden, balcony or backyard to attract a range of garden birds from sparrows to parakeets. The bird feeder has four easy to perch, grain saving feeding port. Made from high quality food grade plastic it’s easy to install, refill and clean.

  • Add a dash of fruitiness to your home, office and garden by installing this fruit feeder. It will help attract a range of colorful fruit eating birds giving you an opportunity to watch them at close quarters. Fruit Feeder is made from 100% recycled wood.

  • HUT (WOODEN) FEEDER will help make your home, gardens and office a bird sanctuary. Ideal for feeding Sparrows, Parakeets, Munias, Silverbill and range of other garden birds.

  • A colony nesting box designed for sparrows that like like to roost and nest in colonies.

    Attractive contemporary design with hinged sides for easy cleaning.

  • Nothing can be more soothing in the morning while waking up with the sound of the twittering sparrows. To keep this musical sounds of the sparrow with you forever, you need to have a home for them. The Nature Forever Sparrow And Tit Nestbox is perfect for you. The house like shape of this nest box makes it feel more like a home for house sparrows. Give house sparrows a cozy place to rest with this nest box. Place it in your garden and soon, you’ll be enjoying the happy twittering sounds of the sparrows at play!

  • We have created specially designed nestboxes to make some of the exotic birds feel right at home in your garden. Mynahs, golden orioles and other medium-size cavity breeders will appreciate this nest box .With these specially designed nest boxes, give your favourite friends from the neighbourhood a resting place. Place it in your garden and soon, you’ll be enjoying the happy twittering sounds of the birds at play!

    • Comes with detailed installation manual with FAQ’s
    • Will help you watch birds from close quarters.
    • Will make your home or office a bird sanctuary by attracting a range of garden birds.
    • Ideal to be gifted as a Good Nature Gift
  • Sparrows are the friendliest of birds and can be lovely company on your peaceful evenings in the garden. With these specially designed nest boxes, give your neighbourhood sparrows a cozy place to rest. Place it in your garden and soon.

Showing all 7 results