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The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. With the world becoming less greener, it is more important than ever to rekindle the joys of gardening; be it for growing your own pesticide-free vegetables, having freshly cut flowers for your breakfast table or to have that special green alcove to read your morning newspaper. GreenMyLife is an effort to bring the joys of gardening to everyone. We sell gardening products online, across India, and also offer Landscaping & Garden Maintenance services in Bangalore.
Do you face a pest problem in your garden? Let nature give you a hand...
Seed bombing is catching on as a guerilla gardening technique to rapidly introduce additional flora into landscapes that surround us. Read on to find out more.
Learn how to recycle household items and use them in your garden. Not just light on the pocket - but also a lot of fun - and great for the environment !
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A quick video on the correct way to use seedling trays to germinate seeds.
Open-pollinated? Heirloom ? Hybrid ? Watch this short video to get a lowdown on the various types of seeds available in the market.
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Organic gardening is all about creating an ecosystem where all the elements help sustain each other. Like for example, the plants help the insects and the beneficial insects help the plant and so on. Using organic fertilizers and organic pesticides can ensure you grow food that is safe for human consumption, and doesnt harm the environment either.
The brinjal, which is commonly known as the eggplant or aubergine in the western world, is closely related to tomatoes and potatoes as it lies in the same Solanum family. It is a staple part of many cuisines all over the world, and used in many popular dishes, with one of the more famous ones (thanks to Disney) being ratatouille. Growing brinjal is easy - read on to find out how.
Panchagavya - the magical concoction that builds immunity in your plants, and super charges their growth. Find out more in this short video.