Loneliness is a feeling that in the present scenario defines our state of mind.

In an age of cut-throat competition, it is difficult to distinguish between friends and foes. We might have a lot of friends, but what we lack is the quality time that we can spend with them to strengthen our bond.

But how do we stop our impulsive whim of sharing our deepest thoughts, because in an absence of a true friend, who will listen to us patiently?

I have the answer to this. The answer is your plants.

Why not try and disclose all your secrets to your dearest plants?

Dear Plants


Well, don’t turn away thinking that this is nothing but a mosaic of my fantasy. Because this not just my emotion that is speaking. I am speaking on the behalf of logic and science too!

Science has validated that talking to plants can actually propel their growth and they are also nurtured better.

It is a known fact that plants are sensitive to the sound vibrations and respond affirmatively. It can be attributed to their strategy of survival and adaptation to the changing environment which is composed of different forms of sound.

German experimental psychologist, Gustav Fechner pioneered research that unveiled that plants have emotions just like human beings. Later Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose from Bengal conducted research that went on to show that plants respond to emotions of affection and violence.


As a passionate gardener, your diligence is evident from the way you maintain your garden: Timely weeding, periodic fertilization and bathing the seedlings with the right amount of water.

However, all these activities lack that extra personal touch that the plants crave for. You need to make the flora feel special just like you would for a friend on her/his homecoming or her/his birthday. If they possess emotions similar to human beings, then they also desire for a companion who would talk to them. And how will you comprehend that they have responded?

It is simple; they will retort with an enhanced growth as compared to plants who are bereft of a gregarious gardener. It has been proven that plants love to listen to a female voice, however, the reason has remained unfathomable till date. However, many researchers feel that it is the different pitch and tone of the female voice that makes them the favorite speaker for plants.

So now that you know that there is science in theory and practice that supports the idea of talking to your green friends.

But now the next challenge that you might face is what is it that you can say to your plants.

Here are some tips that will make your talking activity with your flora amigos a cathartic experience:

  • There are certain secrets in our life that we cannot share even with our best friends because we fear being judged by them. We sort of anticipate that being truthful will disrupt our relationship with friends, but at the same time we have this strong urge of unburdening ourselves from that heap of feelings.
  • Sharing whatever you have inside you with your plant buddies can solve this problem very easily. Believe you me that talking about your woes or your confessions will not only make you feel relieved,but will also make you more confident. You will be confident about the fact that you have someone always there to lend an ear to your talks without forming an opinion, because sometimes all you need is someone to just listen to you without passing any remarks.
  • Also, it is important that your plants are not deprived of frothy and happy stories. For that you can arrange a story-telling session or recitation every weekend. You know what is better? Treat them to regular routine of bedtime stories. However, don’t repeat the stories. They say variety is the spice of life.
  • You are head-over-heels in love with the cute boy in your class or gushing over the smartest girl of your college. So what are you waiting for? Go to your green buddies and tell them all about it. They would definitely share the excitement and express it in their own wonderful ways.
  • Encourage children to communicate with plants. This will instill in them a nurturing quality and will aid in sharpening their communication skills. This is especially ideal for introvert kids or children with speech problems.
  • The key to ensure that the plant benefits from all this talking is to speak in a low-pitched voice that evokes your innate love for them.


If you are in a sour mood, don’t dump your frustration on the plants by screaming and howling. Plants have immense love for peace, so bestow them the peace that they deserve because these lovely beings are responsible for preserving and sustaining the peace of our environment.


Start talking and keep talking to your dear plants!!




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