The best part of growing vegetables in your garden is the sheer happiness of picking up fresh, nutritious vegetables and using them right away in your recipes. However, knowing the right time to grow the vegetables is really important. For example – If you are growing indoors, then you have a lot of control over the temperature and lighting and you have lesser barriers to face while you nourish the plants. This is not the case when you grow vegetables outdoors as the environmental factors are not under your control.


So the right knowledge while you get involved in the growth of your healthy friends is very important.



1.     JANUARY Brinjal
2.     FEBRUARY Applegourd, bottle gourd and cucumber
3.     MARCH Watermelon, Okra and French beans
4.     APRIL Capsicum
5.     MAY Onion, Pepper,and Brinjal
6.     JUNE All kinds of gourds and cauliflower
7.     JULY All kinds of gourds, cucumber and Okra
8.     AUGUST Carrot, cauliflower and radish
9.     SEPTEMBER Cabbage, cauliflower and peas
10.     OCTOBER Brinjal, cabbage and cauliflowers
11.     NOVEMBER Turnip, tomato, peas and radish
12.     DECEMBER Tomato



1.     JANUARY Lettuce, spinach, melons and tomato
2.     FEBRUARY Okra, Brinjal and beans
3.     MARCH Gourds, amaranthus, coriander and beans


4.     APRIL Okra, amaranthus, coriander and tomatoes
5.     MAY Okra, onion and chilly
6.     JUNE Nearly all vegetables
7.     JULY Nearly all vegetables


8.     AUGUST Cauliflower, carrot, beans and beet
9.     SEPTEMBER Cucumber, cauliflower, spinach and peas
10.     OCTOBER Cabbage, Capsicum and cucumber
11.     NOVEMBER Lettuce, eggplant and cabbage
12.     DECEMBER Beet, eggplant, cabbage and lettuce


Update yourself about what to sow and when to sow depending upon your geographical location and go on a vegetable gardening spree!!!:)

Merry vegetable gardening peopleJ


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