Summer flowers

We are well aware that our beautiful nation hosts many summer flowers, right from the subfreezing climate of the Himalayas to the warm coastal regions. Read more to learn about this.

Regardless of rain or shine, an assortment of colours dot the countryside and gardens throughout the country, as summer flowers burst in a variety of shapes and sizes that add beauty and vibrancy to India.

At this time of the year, summers are right round the corner, and it is time for us to discover what’s perfect for the over 30 degree weather. The summer season spreads from March to May with monsoon season beginning in June. Even though gardens require comparatively more nurturing and care during summers, the variety of flowers that bloom in this particular season make it worth the effort.

To make your garden colourful and lush, here are the Top 10 Summer Flowers in India :

1. Marigoldsummer flowers

These bright flowers are a perfect choice to add colour to any garden. The color of marigold varies from light yellow to golden brown. It’s a common flower that is used for various purposes, including religious and medicinal. The pigment extracted from the flower can be used for food colouring. Even better, marigolds tend to keep pests away, so you can plant them near flowers that are eaten by bugs and use it as a natural and beautiful form of pest control.

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2. Lotussummer flowers

Lotus is a common water plant and is the national flower of India. Lotuses are generally available in shades of bright pink and white. One of the characteristics of the lotus is that its petals open by dawn and close down slowly from afternoon to evening. This is a delicate flower which will surely be a fun and colorful addition to any garden.

3. Roses

summer flowers

These romantic flowers will add cheer to any garden in summers. Though they need that little extra care, these flowers are perfect for summer. If given proper care, they bloom all season long. Roses tend to attract quite a few pests; hence placing marigolds alongside can help greatly for pest control.

4. Hibiscussummer flowers

These gorgeous flowers are often associated with the tropics because of their lush, full-bodied bloom. Hibiscus plants can get quite big, so plant them in an area where they’ll have plenty of room to grow. As long as a hibiscus is in direct sunlight, it will bloom and grow all season long, and come up stronger year after year.

5. Sunflowerssummer flowers

The most appropriately named of the lot, sunflowers are beautiful yellow flowers that will dot your garden, giving it a vibrant feel. These plants are good at withstanding extreme temperatures. It is important to note that they are not to be overwatered, as this loosens the soil and can weaken the plant.

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6. Musk Rosesummer flowers

The musk rose grows throughout India. This plant clusters at the end of its branches producing gorgeous and fragrant white flowers. The musk rose starts to bloom in May. Dark rose hips, ranging from purple-brown to dark red, form when the flower finishes blooming. Its beauty can easily light up any garden.

7. Liliessummer flowers

I admire lilies for their weather hardiness. They do not need much to survive in extreme weather conditions. If the sun is too strong they let the leaves dry, but the bulb remains conscious to life. It forgives the sun, and blooms again with ease whenever it feels safe enough to come out of its harsh surroundings.

8. Zinniasummer flowers

Zinnias are certainly among the easiest flowers for anyone, whether just beginning or experienced in gardening, to germinate and grow directly from seed. Their easy culture, heat tolerance and colorful mid to late summer show, blooming hard when other annuals are spent, make them well worth exploring. A favorite of the butterflies, Zinnia can hold a prideful place in your summer garden.

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9. Petuniassummer flowers

These are one of the most popular flowers amongst gardeners. They are quick growing and blossom beautifully. They are found in pink, purple, red, white and yellow colour. They are a perfect choice for hanging baskets and planters. To add some cheer and colour, you can place them between shrubs or hang them around the garden.

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10. Pansiessummer flowers

Pansies are good flowers for sowing annually. They offer a palette of colours for any season in your garden. They are good for containers, borders and ground covers as they provide a lot of grace to the garden.

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Grow  some flowers to charm your gardens this summer!

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Happy Gardening

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