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Type of seed: Open Polinated
Germination Rate: 70%
Sowing Temperature: 25 to 30 Degree Centigrade
Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun
Scientific Name: Solanum melongena
Family: Solanaceae
Other names: Eggplant, Brinjal, Aubergine
Indian names: Bhaingan, Venkaaya

The plant can be grown in a container as well as in the ground. The plant grows up to a height of 16 inches to 60 inches in length and the leaves are large and coarsely lobed. The fruits appear approximately 25-35 days after the plant emerges. Each plant yields approximately around 6-8 fruits per week. While harvesting leave one inch of stem from the fruit and cut with a sharp knife.
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Q: How many seeds will be there in the packet?
— Asked by Srikantth on May 4, 2015
A: Hi Srikantth! Thank you for your query. Round Brinjal seeds pack is of KGP (kitchen garden pack) variety, so number of seeds aren't mentioned in it. The pack weighs around 8 gm and will include about 50 seeds in it.

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