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August tree leaves (Agathi) Pack Of 1 Kg Indian Heirloom Seeds


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Seeds :August tree leaves (Agathi)

Quantity: 1 kg
Type: Indian Heirloom Seeds
Germination: Min 80%

Heirlooms come from seed that has been handed down for generations in a particular region or area, hand-selected by gardeners for a special trait. Heirloom are open-pollinated.

The big difference which means they’re pollinated by insects or wind without human vegetable seeds is whether they are heirlooms or hybrids. Heirloom seeds are those that are open-pollinated, and passed down from generation to generation. Seeds from heirloom vegetables are true to type, meaning that you can save the seed from a certain plant and expect to get the same thing when you go ahead and plant those seeds again next season.

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Product Description

Planting Tips
1.Use Seedling trays and cocopeat for better germination rate.
2.Plant in a sunny location. Vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. The more sunlight they receive, the greater the harvest and the better the taste.
3.Plant in good soil. Plants’ roots penetrate soft soil easily, so you need nice loamy soil. Enriching your soil with compost provides needed nutrients. Proper drainage will ensure that water neither collects on top nor drains away too quickly.
4.Space your crops properly. Plants set too close together compete for sunlight, water, and nutrition and fail to mature. Pay attention to the spacing guidance with plant tabs.

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