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Sasya Shyamale Bio Organic Kit – Mini


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Sasya Shyamale Bio Organic Kit:

Sasya Shyamale Bio Organic Kit brings in a new dimension in organic gardening which is 100% organic and environment friendly product. The kit ingredients can be used for 50 pots and 2 months. Now you can grow the best choice of fruits, vegetables and flowers in your garden which is chemical free and healthy.

Who can use this Kit ?
This kit can be used by enthusiastic terrace gardeners both amateur and experienced. The kit contains a comprehensive manual which explains in detail how start a terrace garden.


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Kit Includes:
1. Vasundara (processed vermi compost) – 1kg,
2. Mahachitanya (Total plant nutrient) – 1/2 kg
3. Hiroot (Root growth promoter) – 50gms
4. Auvrva(Growth promoter & disease controller) – 50gms
5. Aghora (Bio insecticide) – 20ml
6. Amogha (Soil nutrient & Bio stimulant) – 20 ml
7. 500 ml spray bottle
8. Complete detailed user manual


VASUNDRA™ contains various free living micro organisms; they provide Macro and Micro nutrients to the plant. VASUNDRA™ promotes hormonal activity and induces their synthesis resulting into flowering and fruit setting. VASUNDRA™ also reduces the flower and fruit drop caused by hormonal imbalance. VASUNDRA™ also contains all major and minor plant nutrients, and all trace elements; alginic acid; auxins; vitamins; and etc… VASUNDRA™ enhances nutritional uptake and their utilization which improves the color, size, luster and taste of fruits.

Direct Benefits:

  • VASUNDRA™ acts as a Soil Conditioner
  • VASUNDRA™ helps in better crop spread, crop quality and productivity
  • VASUNDRA™ improves fruit set and reduces fruit drop
  • VASUNDRA™ advances maturity and increases the keeping quality


MAHACHAITANYA™ is based on an advanced scientific approach combining the benefits of Biofertilizers and new technological solutions using osmo regulators, naturally occurring biostimulants, trace elements like auxins, cytokynins, protein hydrolysates and bioactive humic and fulvic substances. MAHACHAITANYA™ is designed to provide a total nutrition to the plants throughout their life cycle; without the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers.

Direct Benefits:

  • MAHACHAITANYA™ is latest technology, New and Novel approach for organic farming.
  • MAHACHAITANYA™ helps plant develop resistance to fight pests and disease.
  • MAHACHAITANYA™ suppresses Pathogenic soil fungi & Pathogenic bacteria.
  • MAHACHAITANYA™ creates better environment for Rhizosphere beneficial microbes.


HIROOT™ is a symbiotic association between plant roots and fungal mycelia, acts as an extension of root absorbing surface. These fungi can improve the plant growth through increased nutrient uptake of phosphorus, sulphur, calcium and zinc. HIROOT™ is a water soluble powder with mixture of different secondary nutrients. HIROOT™ granular is used to improve soil texture, in turn helping white root development. In addition it provides nourishment to soil assisting in sustained growth of soil microbes which enhances nutrient.

Direct Benefits:

  • HIROOT™ increase nutrient, water uptake, improve soil and plant ecosystem
  • HIROOT™ increase plant growth, establishment and yield
  • HIROOT™ improves soil structure and porosity and drought tolerance
  • HIROOT™ improves resistance to soil borne pathogens like Phythium sp,Fusarium sp,Rhizoctonia sp,Phytopthroa etc. 


AURWA™ is the potential antagonistic fungus which and prevents control the crops/plants from disease like Wilt, Phytophthora, Mealy Bugs and Nematodes (Meloidogyne spp. – Root knot nematodes) AURWA™ is an unique Bioproduct based on Biofungicide, Bionutrient and Enzymes is recommended for soil application and spraying for all crops and soils. AURWA™ also acts as growth promoter by releasing auxins and gibberline in rhizosphere.

Direct Benefits:

  • AURWA™ active components of Biopesticides made on the base of this fungus antagonist are their spores, mycelium and products of metabolism.
  • AURWA™ acts against plant root nematodes by infecting eggs, juveniles and adult females.
  • AURWA™ secrets cellulase and chitinase enzymes which kills the pathogenic fungi or bacteria.
  • AURWA™ utilizes protoplasm as a source of food and multiplies its spores.


AMOGHA™ is a BioActive Humic and Fluvic Substances of Vermicompost origin soluble liquid formulation and also impregnated in double roasted bentonite granules. AMOGHA™ is a unique Biostimulant based on bioactive substances of Vermicompost is recommended for soil applications and for all crops and soils. AMOGHA™ provides Bioenergy required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and Biostimulants substances.

Direct Benefits:

  • AMOGHA™ provides Bioenergy
  • AMOGHA™ supplies biologically derived major and micronutrients
  • AMOGHA™ provides biostimulants for better growth
  • AMOGHA™ imparts better organoleptic properties like aroma, flavor, lustre, taste, lool etc.


AGHORA™ is a Natural and Herbal extract origin in soluble liquid formulation of AGHORA™. AGHORA™ is a unique BioAcaricide based on Herbal & Natural extracts. AGHORA™ acts a BioAcaricide and Bio insecticide to control Mites, Scales, Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, White files and Caterpillars.

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