Composting couldn’t get any faster, simpler, cleaner, or easier than with Bio Bloom Air. These are the super powerful organic microbes that power the Smartbin Air.

Although primarily developed for Smartbin Air, they are extremely useful in any other composter or composting bin. So go ahead, turbocharge your composters with Bio Bloom Air. They extract most of the nutrients from food waste or other organic matter and make them available to your favorite plants.

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*Organic Composting Microbes for Easy Home Composting – No Mixing or Turning needed Ever! Now make your own compost for plants instead of buying. Extract the wealth out of the food waste that you are throwing away.
*Neat, Clean, Safe & Hygienic – Composts all kinds of food waste – Even Non-Veg, Spicy, Oily, Citrus, Dairy Etc. and turns it into the highest quality organic fertilizer
*Very easy to use – just add your waste 1 inch at a time, and cover with a thin layer of Bio Bloom Air. Once bin fills like this set aside for 20 – 30 days. That’s it – your food waste turns to perfect compost soil or potting mix.
*Used for Smartbin Air Easy Indoor Composters or any other Composting method. Just sprinkle this powder to increase the speed of composting.
*ECONOMICAL: Mix fully dry compost, aged for at least a month with Bio Bloom Air & use it to layer waste. Over time, decrease % of BBA & increase % of your aged & dried compost. With experience you can only purchase the BBA 3 – 4 times/yr to replenish microbe population in your system.

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