Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris

Type of seed : Hybrid Seeds
Sunlight : Full/Partial
Life-cycle : Perennial

Thyme is a small perennial shrub with lots of branches and light purple to pink flowers. It’s aromatic and has a pleasant, pungent, clover flavor. There are over fifty varieties used in cooking and gardening. English thyme is used most often in cooking.

Gently scatter seeds over the soil in the container you will be planting thyme seeds in.
Next, gently scatter soil over where you scattered the seeds.
Water thoroughly. Cover with plastic wrap.
Place the container in a warm location.
Seeds will germinate in 1 – 12 weeks.
Once thyme seedlings are 4 inches high, plant them where you will be growing thyme in your garden.

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Water normally and remember to trim the plants.
Prune the plants back in the spring and summer to contain the growth. You can take some cuttings and plant them indoors in pots, too.
If you have cold winters, remember to lightly mulch around the plants after the ground freezes.

Tip: Thyme is commonly grown as a garden border plant or along retaining walls. It tolerates light traffic, so plant a low growing variety around the stepping stones of your walking path for a lovely scented walkway.

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