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  • Number of Ashwagandha, Indian Ginseng seeds: 50
    Germination Rate: Min 70.00%
    Scientific name: Gaillardia pulchella
    Type of seed : Hybrid
    Soil required: Sandy or rocky well-drained
    Ashwagandha seeds can be direct sown outdoors, approximately 3/8″ below the surface of the soil and kept evenly moist. Otherwise, you can sow indoors in early spring to give your starts additional time to develop before going outside. Sow seeds slightly closer to the surface (~1/4″) if using flats or other small containers indoors.
  • Seeds: Mint
    Variety: Mint
    QTY: 50 Seeds
    Germination: Min. 70%
    Type: Hybrid Seeds

    • Name: Parsley Forest Green seeds
    • Number of seeds: 100
    • Type of seed: Hybrid
    • Germination rate: Min. 70%
    • Life-cycle: Annual
    • Scientific name: Petroselinum crispun
    • Indian Names: Ajmood (Hindi), Achu-Mooda (Kannada), Seema malli (Malayalam)
  • Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris

    Type of seed : Hybrid Seeds
    Sunlight : Full/Partial
    Life-cycle : Perennial

    Thyme is a small perennial shrub with lots of branches and light purple to pink flowers. It’s aromatic and has a pleasant, pungent, clover flavor. There are over fifty varieties used in cooking and gardening. English thyme is used most often in cooking.

    Gently scatter seeds over the soil in the container you will be planting thyme seeds in.
    Next, gently scatter soil over where you scattered the seeds.
    Water thoroughly. Cover with plastic wrap.
    Place the container in a warm location.
    Seeds will germinate in 1 – 12 weeks.
    Once thyme seedlings are 4 inches high, plant them where you will be growing thyme in your garden.

  • Scientific name: Apiaceae
    Number of curled chervil Seeds /pkt : 30
    Type of seed : Premium Heirloom Seeds
    Sunlight : Full
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Health:Chervil has had various uses in folk medicine. It was claimed to be useful as a digestive aid, for lowering high blood pressure, and, infused with vinegar, for curing hiccups. Besides its digestive properties, it is used as a mild stimulant.

  • Kitchen Favorite Herbs Seeds Pack

    Plant these popular herbs in your garden and enjoy some fresh-from-the-earth taste at your dinner table.
    Growing herbs at home is a fun, money-saving hobby that also happens to be good for your health. In addition to flavoring up your favorite dishes, herbs are filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients
    When you grow your own herbs you can use what you need at the moment by harvesting small amounts, fresh from the plant.

    Italian Large Leaf Basil – (10 Seeds)
    Coriander Seeds – (50 Seeds)
    Parsley Seeds – (15 Seeds)
    Thyme Seeds – (30 Seeds)
    Methi Seeds – (30 Seeds)
    VNS Alfalfa Seeds – (50 Seeds)
    Mammoth Dill Seeds – (20 Seeds)
    Amaranthus- (100 Seeds)


  • Colour: Green
    Size: 24 inch(Height) X 15inch (Diameter)
    Quality: 240 GSM

    Number of pockets: 8
    Pocket dimension: 5inch (Height) x 4 inch (Width)

    These HDPE Vertical Grow Bag With 8 Pockets enable you to grow, vegetables, herbs and other different crops on your balcony, patio, garden or greenhouse no matter how limited the space.
    These grow bags are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plants. These bags can last for more than 5 years under constant use while resisting harsh sunlight.

    Plant multiple plants in single unit and the view after grown is beautiful
    Can be used year after year
    8 planting pockets as well as top planting positions
    Made from strong woven wipe clean polyethylene material
    Ideal for gardens, patios, balconies or the green house
    Just fill with potting mix and start using
    Empty, dry, fold and store after use


Showing all 7 results