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Scientific name: Origanum vulgare
Type of seed : Hybrid Seeds
Sunlight : Full/Partial
Life-cycle : Annual

Oregano, an herb with a robust scent and flavor, loves to grow in pots where it can spill over an edge of a pot or low wall. However, its trailing growth also makes it a good seasonal ground cover, or it can serve as a nice edging along a path. In late summer, enjoy Greek or Italian oregano’s white flowers against its bright-green leaves. Grow oregano in an herb garden or in containers.

Planting and care:
Most herbs don’t like much fertilizer; feed occasionally with Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant Food throughout the growing season and always in early spring as the new season begins. Oregano spreads easily, cut it back to one-third of its size in order to make the plant bushier. In milder climates, oregano is evergreen.  Small plants in containers can be moved indoors for the winter. Cut out dead stems in the spring before the plants begin new growth.

Oregano adds deep flavor to Indian dishes, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables such as beans and zucchini. A light sprinkling over a green salad before dressing it is a tasty enhancement. Oregano does not hold up well to prolonged cooking when used fresh, so add fresh leaves at the end of the cooking process or use dried leaves for sauces or anything that requires lengthy simmering.

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Q: after planteation how many day we require for oregano plant
— Asked by anita shah on August 21, 2015
A: Dear Anita. Thank you for your query. After sowing the seeds, approximately 7 to 10 days are needed for the seeds to germinate. Thereafter, the plant will reach its mature size within 2 to 3 months, depending on the climate.

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