Neem Oil (Chemical Free)

Virgin, cold pressed neem oil without any chemical usage. Natural, effective plant protectant.

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Neem Oil is a well known Crop Protector which protects the plants from 5000 varieties insects and pathogen. Just add 10 ml of Neem Oil in water with some shampoo to make an emulsion which can be applied on plants. Neem oil has a natural component called ‘Azadirachtin’ which gives it medicinal properties. By applying neem oil, you can keep your plants naturally healthy and insect free.

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Eco Neem Oil is prepared by the Cold Press technique which avoids use of chemicals. The
Cold Pressed oil has higher component of Azadirachtin (around 1000 ppm) as compared to the Chemically
Extracted oil (300 ppm). Aza is the active component which provides medicinal properties to neem. Cold
pressed oil also has more shelf life – almost 4 times more than chemically extracted neem oil. Hence overall, cold
pressed neem oil is more economical than chemically extracted neem oil.

How to use?
Mix table spoonful of Shampoo / detergent / soap powder (This is because Many growers seem to be put off by its oiliness, finding sprayers clogged and plants left coated in oil. The solution is to get the oil broken down and suspended in the water, then we can get it onto the plants) in a litre water and then mix 20 to 50ml Neem oil.
Spray to drench the plants thoroughly (Note: Make sure spray propagates to both upper and lower surfaces of the leaves).
For good effect, pests should come in contact with Neem Oil(This is important because Neem oil doesn’t directly kill bugs, it stops them from reproducing, feeding and molting their skins. So in effect, it breaks their life cycle.)
On a suggested note you need to spray for at least the length of one life cycle, which for bugs in ideal conditions (like most grow-rooms) is around 2 weeks, sometimes a little longer.

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