Eco Jaivik Shakthi : Scientifically composted organic fertilizer containing vermicompost. It needs to be mixed with soil for usage. Jaivik Shakthi is made from composted horse manure, fortified with vermicompost. It has a number of beneficial factors. It will need to be mixed with soil. microflora, for nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization.


  • Total Organic Carbon : 10.6%Quantity: 5 Kg
  • Nitrogen : 1.3%
  • C/N ratio : 8.15
  • Phosphorous : 1.78%
  • Potassium : 0.91%
  • Zinc : 104ppm
  • Iron : 4150ppm
  • Copper : 40ppm
  • Manganese : 332ppm
  • Cobalt : 1.1ppm
  • pH : 7.6
  • EC (mmhos/cm)1% solution : 0.04
  • Heavy metals : <0.1ppm


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Jaivik Shakthi  is made from composted horse manure, fortified with vermicompost. It has a number of beneficial microflora for nitrogen fixation and phosphates. Unlike other vermicomposts, we do not use municipal waste as base because municipal waste may contain unknown chemicals which may potentially harm the crops. We use horse manure as base for the compost. The horse manure is sourced from Stud Farms of our own organization, hence we are assured of high quality.

The high micronutrient content makes it suitable for all soil types, all crops and all seasons. Regular use of Eco Jaivik Shakthi  improves soil health, enriches nutrients and produces better yields. It is an important soil input for potted plants, ornamentals, Bananas and many other field crops. Scientifically tested & proved for organic vegetable cultivation.


Q: i want to grow organic vegetables/fruits is this product is fine for usage? if yes then how much should i use in soil?
— Asked by vishant on July 20, 2015
A: Hi Vishant. Thank you for your query. For best results, mix 5 kg Jaivik Shakti compost with equal amount of 5 kg soil.

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