Flower power for pollinators! Grow an easy care garden of fast growing annual flowers to provide food, shelter and habitat for endangered native bees, honeybees and a wide range of butterflies & other insect pollinators. Our custom blend of sixteen different varieties will bloom for months in lovely colors and many different forms.

Prepare the planting area by removing all weeds, grass and large stones. Break up soil clumps and evenly loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a rake.

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Include: 3 Gm. Pollinator Flowers seeds which contains seeds of:

Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Baby Blue Eyes
Single Chinese Aster
Polka Dot Mix
Shirley Poppy
Tidy Tips
Virginia Stock
Creeping Daisy
Globe Gilia
Lemon Mint
California Bluebell
Lacy Phacelia
Tall white alyssum
Plains Coreopsis
Inert material: Organic rice hulls

Please note: The seed mix is packed with a larger quantity of organic rice hulls to help space the tiny seeds. Kindly mix thoroughly before sowing.

Check our video on best method for good germination of seeds

Q: Can we grow this in pots? If so, how many inches deep pots will suffice? Also do these need to be directly planted or germinated indoors and then transplanted?
— Asked by Sabeena on February 18, 2015
A: Hi Sabeena! Thank you for your query. These seeds are ideal to be planted in both ground as well as containers. Loosen the top 2 inches of the soil with rake. Then scatter the seeds mixture about 1/4 inches deep, and then lightly firm the soil. Gently sprinkle the soil with water to keep it moist for the seed to germinate. The seeds will germinate in about 9-18 days. The mature height of the flower will come to about 8-30 inches. These seeds can be directly planted outdoors in ground or containers, in full sun.
Q: What is the best season to seed them (in Mumbai, not Bangalore!) ?
— Asked by Sunthar P on April 3, 2015
A: Hi Sunthar! Thank you for your query. The best season to seed them in Mumbai would be the ongoing Spring season (March to April). Seeds germinate best in warm and moist environment, when kept in filtered sunlight.
Q: will it grow in gujarat -ahmedabad under 40 degree temperature and in the month of may june
— Asked by darshit on April 22, 2015
A: Hi Darshit! Thank you fr your query. Yes, these flowers are well suited to a variety of climate found across India, including that of Ahmedabad. It is recommended that you germinate the seeds in a shaded location, maintaining the soil moisture regularly. After few weeks, when they are about 6 inches tall, transplants the seedlings into your garden, and water them regularly. You can also sow the seeds directly on the ground, ensuring that the soil remains moist at all times.

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