The world outside is drenched in colour, why not reflect it in your own terrariums. There is no perfect way to make your terrarium, perfection is an illusion; just do your best and enjoy.

A terrarium is a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container. To create your dream terrarium, follow these easy, simple and interesting steps.


Step 1: Supplies you need in making your terrariums

  • Potting soil: Choose light soil with lots of drainage.
  • Pebbles or gravel Choose stones 1/4 of an inch or smaller for drainage, but choose whatever you’d like for topdressing.
  • Activated charcoal: Unless the container the plant will be in has a drainage hole, use activated charcoal pieces. This keeps the soil fresh.
  • Sheet moss: It provides a “sponge” for absorbing excess water.
  • Gloves: You should be wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt to prevent fungal infection. Gloves are also helpful when handling charcoal.
  • Decoration: Pick any decoration you’d like to add to your terrarium. Examples – include miniature garden gnomes, shells, rocks, small statues or aquarium décor.


Step 2: Choose a container

Choosing a container can be anything that will allow the plant to grow and give adequate drainage. For example, bell jars, aquariums, vases, glass bowls, etc.

Step 3: Choose the plants

Classic plants for a terrarium include (but are not limited to) ferns, mosses, succulents, and cacti. Pick a plant that are easy to grow, inexpensive, and stay small. Plants that prefer shade are best.

Plants for Terrarium

Plants for Terrarium

Step 4: Planting your terrarium

  • Clean your container well.
  • Add rocks for drainage.
  • Add a layer of moss.
  • Add in activated charcoal.
  • Put in the soil.
  • Add the Plants.
  • Add your decorations.
  • Lightly water your terrarium.
Hanging Terrarium

Hanging Terrarium

Step 5: Maintenance

Keep your plants free of weed and mold. Water them occasionally. Keep it as a centre piece on your desk and enjoy.

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Happy Gardening

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