Green is everywhere. It’s the most common colour in the natural world, It’s the colour we associate with the environment, balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. It’s the symbol of prosperity freshness and progress.

green building

Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.

reen building

Green buildings are an attempt to facilitate a transformation into a more sustainable future. HERE is a list of top 10 green buildings in India.

Let us shed light on why it is important to have green buildings in our ecosystem.

Energy saving: energy saving can be enhanced by the use of energy efficiency technologies and products, thus achieving sustainability.

Use of natural ventilation and lighting can reduce energy consumption for air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting in buildings. Many of the renewable energy sources are free and inexhaustible, offering greener resources and economically viable options.

Waste reduction: Installing waste separation facilities such as bins or racks in buildings together with publicity and promotional activities directed to the occupants of the building can help to recover more materials for recycling and reduce waste requiring disposal.

Saving water: this can be done by installation of flow restrictors at water taps, and optimized timing self-closing taps or sensor taps in public lavatories and washing rooms. Reduction of water pressure of the plumbing systems to the lowest practical level, installation of dual flush cisterns (a choice between “full flush” and “half flush”), provision of reclaimed water systems for toilet flushing, cleaning and irrigation.

From an economic and social point of view.

Economic benefits: It reduces operating costs and improves the productivity of the occupants. Through adaptation of such buildings, the market for green product and services also rises.

Quality of life: It improves general lifestyle and health of the inhabitants

Future Goals

When we consider the steps of action, we need to think deeper than just greenifying the environment. Our goal should be to strike a balance by establishing a sustainable environment by not disturbing the elements of nature. Our efforts will not just cater to a better living place for us, but to the plants and wildlife around us as well.

If this sounds too philosophical and too big to start with, we need to take baby steps before attaining our bigger goal.

We can start small,  and we can do that by making small changes within our home. A few green changes here and there in our abode can create ripples of difference and make us beam with pride.

We hope that we were somewhere able to convince you on having a positive approach towards green buildings. If you believe in the concept, then we are sure that you will do those little things(green) that matter and also create awareness about the same 🙂





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