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Barrix Fruit Fly Catch

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* MAT Technology
* Pest Pathway Block Technology
* Color Alluring Technology
* Rain Protection Technology
* UV Protection Technology

* Highly effective, scientifically designed
* Thermally stable & recyclable
* Protects Lure from UV rays
* Sturdy at all climatic conditions
* Research based pest alluring colour
* Long lasting performance
* Ample holding capacity for 5000 dead flies

* Uses highly successful Male Annihilation Technique(MAT)
* Contains highly pure Para Pheromones
* 500% extra surface for Pheromone release
* Five times stronger in trapping efficiency (Lure size 3x5x1.2cms)

common for all-barrixvegflytrap

1. Fix the Barrix Trap device as shown in the instruction manual.
2. For good results add 3-4 drops of pesticide to the lure before hanging.
3. Hang at 3-5 ft height from the ground level preferably under the shade after firmly fixing the Barrix Catch Lure specially made for this trap. Make sure the that trap will not fall/oscillate due to heavy wind.
4. After hanging in the crop field, every 15 days of time period, add 5 drops of above mentioned pesticide to the lure using a ink filler which reactivates the trapping efficacy of the trap.
5. In the case of prolonged harvest and late crop varieties like Neelam, Thothapuri (Mango Varities) etc, replace the old Lure with a new once in every 45 days.
6. When the trap is full with flies, remove the flies, burry one feet below the ground or burn them.
7. Use the trap at the fruit storage godowns to prevent post harvest fruit loss.

Pre-Harvest : From the beginning time of fruiting season until the 90 days before the fruit harvesting. This period varies for different fruits.
Post-Harvest: After harvest until the delivery of fruit crops in the places like Village Mandy’s, Fruit pulp factory godowns, stocking points & ware houses including fruit stalls, retailers.

HOW MANY TO USE: Use 1 trap /400 sq. mtrs – More ideally 6-8 Traps / Acre as a FRUIT FLY MONITORING TOOL, recommended as per IPM

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Bactrocera Dorsalis, is also called as the Oriental fruit fly. This is a direct pest on Mango, Guava, Papaya, Orange, Banana, Sapota, Annona, Citrus and Olive fruits.  Fruit flies lay 1200-1500 eggs inside a variety of fruit in the batches of 1-20 eggs in a single fruit in their lifetime (1-3+ months in the field). Inside the fruits all the developmental stages of pest flies takes place by eating the fruit pulp escaping from all the pesticides applied by the farmers.
This makes any pesticide application useless and make the crops unsuitable for trading and our consumption. As per Indian Agricultural survey reports, every year Indian farmers lose 27-80% of the fruit crops due the fruit droppings (pre harvest) & fruit infestation (post harvest).
Barrix Fruit Fly Catch comes along with patent granted trap design, superior from the other available traps in its trapping efficacy, extended field longevity, covering vast crop area applicable to variety of fruit crops.

Fruit Fly Catch includes:
4.Lure Holder

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  • Barrix Vegetable Fly Trap  is  a  pheromone  trap,  which  consists  of  chemically  synthesized  pheromones  in  the  form  of  a  lure  to  attract  and  trap  pests  of  the  Bactrocera  cucurbit  species  (commonly  known as  Vegetable  Fly),  which  causes  major  pre-­‐harvest  damages  in  Vegetables.

    Veg Fly trap includes:
    4.Lure Holder

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