Organic Fertilizer

Organic is better. We have all heard this, and it is true. Organic IS better. The same goes for your fertilizers. Read more to learn about this.

Why Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are way more superior to chemical ones. If you are still a little skeptical, this write up should be enough to convince you.

First, you must know what organic fertilizers are and how they are different from conventional ones. Simply put, organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal or vegetable matter and are formed as a result of microbial activity, whereas, chemical fertilizers are made of organic or inorganic material and is of synthetic origin.

Now, why are they better? The first reason is that organic fertilizers don’t just fertilize, they condition the soil as well i.e. they are both good for the soil as well as the plant. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers have minerals that get absorbed by the roots of the plant quickly, doing no good for the soil. They also ward away earthworms and other microorganisms, so in the long run are bad for the soil. With continual use, the soil would lose all its organic matter which helps build quality soil and aides soil retention.

Chemical fertilizers are mostly made of non-renewable resources, whereas, organic fertilizers are made of completely renewable ones.

Most gardeners are afraid to use organic stuff as it is thought that the usage of organic things is highly labour intensive and is also less effective. But, it is most definitely a myth. They are just as convenient and just as efficient.

Types of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers come in two forms, dry and liquid.

Dry type fertilizers are usually a blend of many ingredients and provide an array of nutrients. Dry fertilizers must be spread on the desired area and then raked into the top 15 cm of soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers, organic ones are non-burning and thus, safe to use on your seedlings.

Liquid ones provide your plants with a small nutrient boost that must be provided every week or two. Liquid fertilizers are absorbed by both the leaves as well as the roots of the plant. It must be used during the critical time period of a plant’s life, during flowering and/or fruiting. For usage, follow the label instructions fertilizers

Now that you a little more familiar with organic fertilizers, here are a few brands we recommend.

 – Bio Star Organic Fertilizer, by Sikko Industries Ltd., Ahemdabad.

 It is derived from all natural earthworm dung matter, also increases the moisture content of fertilizers

 – Vermicompost, by ManiDharma Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

 Pure earthworm compost: boosts fertility, aides release of other fertilizers, minimises nutrient loss.

 – Organic Fertilizers, by Star Trace Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

 Contains iron, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, copper, manganese, sodium, potassium, zinc and boron. One product to solve all your soil worries.

 – Neem Cake, by Green Earth Products Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

 Acts as an organic fertilizer as well as pesticide. Wards away pests and insects effectively while enhancing soil fertilzers

 So, switch NOW!

Happy Gardening

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