Don’t you feel your excitement rise up when you sit on a swing? Doesn’t the to-and-fro motion give you an adrenaline rush? It does, right?

Swings bring in a flood of childhood memories of us having a gala time with our friends in a park spring, or of us swinging in the playgrounds of our school.

Swings have given and still continue to give this sense of freedom and independence, where each movement is under the reins of our senses.

The sheer euphoria of surrendering to the swing and being yourself without any inhibitions reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s famous quote from ‘A room of one’s own’-“No need to worry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anybody else but be oneself.

Let us take our love for swings to another level by not restricting it to just a splendid childhood memory.Why not take a step ahead and install swings in our garden?

For a child-friendly garden, swings are ideal as they will engage your children when you want to peacefully accomplish all your gardening endeavors. However, having swings in the garden doesn’t mean that they would simply appeal to your children.

In fact, swings can serve as one of the most interesting garden accessories.

Even for an aged individual, relaxing in the swing provides coziness and a temporary refuge from drudgery. The best attribute about the swings is that they are both functional as well as aesthetic. A lazy winter afternoon blended with warm sun rays can be spent well on a swing along with the company of a good novel or some soothing music.

The type of swing that you want to install should be determined by the space in your garden. Let us discuss the different types of swings and then you can decide the one that can be well accommodated in your garden spaces.

1.Wooden Swing

A wooden swing has the propensity to rot and demands your full-fledged attention. The wooden swing with its innate old-world charm and a vintage allure works best in the backdrop of a neatly manicured landscape and plump bushy trees. If you want the swing to cater to more than one person then you should go for a variety that resembles a couch. Throw in some black embroidered or tangerine color block pillows to bid adieu to the baldness.


2. Metal Swings

Metal Swing

Swings in metal are prone to rust but are high on durability and strength quotient. Also, they enhance your outdoor patios and verandas with their sleek look.


3. Toddler Swings

Toddler Swings

Toddler swings are the swings that come in a bucket shape accentuated with holes so that your child can easily place her/his legs. Sometimes they are shaped like a half-bucket with a safety belt that zeroes the possibility of child injuries.


4. Porch Swings

Porch Swings

Porch swings are the ones which are mounted to the roof of the porch and are basically swinging benches for the adults. It comes with large seats that can easily accommodate three people.


5. Canopy Swings

Canopy Swings

Canopy swings function as a canopy to offer protection from harsh sun beams. Often equated with a porch swing, they are hung on a distinct frame and are favored for their portable trait.


6. Hammock Swings

Hammock Swings

Hammock swings are usually fastened to the trees or to a hammock stand. Hence, these are light-weight and they function as a portable bed when you want to catch a quick nap.


Add swings in the garden, be bold with your stupefying choice, stun the onlookers and immerse in pride when they marvel your impeccable taste

Happy swinging folks!!

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