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Diameter: 38.5 cm
Firm Steel Frame.
Great for patios and balconies
Coir Liner: Thick

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Garden Round Hanging Basket:

Whether you are nurseryman of the year, or still nursing your green thumb these Garden Round Hanging Basket will display your favourite plants with simplistic beauty. Garden Round Hanging Basket baskets offer versatility in the presentation of your favourite flora allowing you to place it where you can enjoy it from your window or while you are working in your garden. These elegant flat steel wall planters include a heavy black chain that will support a variety of plants.

Advantages of CoCo Coir Pots:

The CoCo Coir Pot is easily Bio Degradable and transforms into Organic Matter in due course Containers impermeable to roots all cause deformation to the roots. The severity of this depends on the shape of the pot and the development of the plants. The most common problem is coiling of roots, roots gathering in corners, roots growing upwards, crushed roots, etc.
When plants are grown in a CoCo Coir Pot, the roots quickly penetrate the pot walls. Contact with the air stops the roots from growing, root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop throughout the pot. This phenomenon is known as “aerial root prunning”.
The volume of the pot is used 100% by a dense network of root hairs of the plant . In containers with impermeable walls, a few very long roots use all the area around the pot.

oot buds set during aerial containment are immediately activated. There is no shock from transplanting, this difference is particularly marked when ground conditions are difficult (cold, drought, adverse season, etc.).
There is no deformity in the root system, the plant establishes easily and settles into the soil better. This is particularly important for perennials.


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